All purchases support CAA’s maker members and the charitable objectives of the organisation. CAA members represent some of the most talented craft makers in the UK today working across the disciplines of ceramics, furniture, glass, jewellery, metal, paper, textiles and wood. From the useful to the beautiful, each handmade object available at CAA is a one-off.

If you are inspired by a Maker’s work but don’t see what you like for sale online, please contact us as we offer a commissioning service. We also offer gift vouchers.

We will contact you to arrange shipping once your order has been received and will update you on delivery. If you wish to make a purchase for urgent delivery please contact us at and we will let you know if this can be arranged.

Thank you for supporting CAA.

Wide Relief Band Orange Flecked Pate de Verre Vessel by Margaret Alston
Margaret Alston
Orange Flecked Pâte-de-Verre Vessel


Kiln Cracked Katharina's Bowl by Zoë Hillyard
Zoe Hillyard
Katharina’s Bowl – kiln cracked series


Lava Pyramid by Peter Layton
Peter Layton
Lava Pyramid


Louis Thompson
Cone vessel -grey


Ikuko Iwamoto
Stripe Oval Plate


Ikuko Iwamoto
Stripe Sake Cup


Ikuko Iwamoto
Stripe Small Oval Plate


Odd Yellow Bands I, II & III by Sara Brennan
Sara Brennan
Odd Yellow Bands I,II and III


Caernarfon 'Candy Pop' by Majeda Clarke
Majeda Clarke
Blanket, Caernarfon collection


The Streets are Paved of Gold by Caron Penney
Caron Penney
The Streets are Paved with Gold


Möbius neckpiece by Ann Richards
Ann Richards
Neckpiece – Mobius strip




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One of a group of work called Long and Short Walks. Short Walks is comprised of 3 pieces, each woven piece reflecting the rhythm of a different walk.  Ali Holloway's…

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