Tessa Eastman

Tessa Eastman’s ceramic sculptures appear curiously alive with movement. Meticulously building her shapes by hand, she draws inspiration from organic forms as seen through a microscope. She explores the strangeness of growth of natural phenomena in which systems flow and digress from an intended pattern, translating her findings in richly glazed ceramics.

While making she strives for contrasts; soft and hard, order and chaos, geometry and irregularity. It is through sensitivity to form and glaze that her pieces become animated and much time is invested in glaze research and testing. Matt and shiny, coarse and smooth, and hot and cool coloured glazes are used to offer depth of character to a work. Grouping her works highlights these contrasts and creates a dialogue between pieces whereby negative space is valued as much as the objects.

Eastman says of her work ‘I aim to fix ungraspable states such as fleeting clouds, which represent the ideal and the perishable, the doom and the fantasy.’ 

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