David Poston

The potential intimacy of wearing jewellery makes designing it endlessly interesting to David Poston, who retains his early conviction that the quiet tactile relationship between wearer and object is of far greater interest and value than the external dynamics of outward-looking audience-oriented display of jewellery.

Precious materials are symbolic of a socio-economic culture with which he feels little sympathy. Poston chooses materials for what they do, their fitness for purpose and the potential of their physical qualities, not their monetary value. Stainless steel and titanium are challenging but rewarding materials, allowing things not otherwise possible. Technical challenges and functional problems continue to amuse and fascinate him.

With each piece there comes a point at which his work on it reaches a conclusion, but he still does not regard it as ‘finished’. The person who acquires and wears the piece continues the making process through the very act of wearing it and the manner in which they do so.

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