Jo McAllister

Made in pure silver and high carat gold, Jo McAllister's work demonstrates simplicity of form but not content. Jewellery pieces are based on drawings and use optical illusions to play with space, whilst the application of organic techniques disrupts otherwise precise geometry. Her constructed jewellery and objects have metaphysical qualities: Collector's and Observer's Rings, Wish Percolators, Dreaming Devices.

Inspired by Jan Loco, a Native American jeweller who worked in situ using rocks ‘to imbue the piece with the spirit of the rock’, McAllister began to work outside on beaches and mountains using found implements. Since 1999 she has used stones found in the landscape as hammers and anvils to create subtly undulating surfaces and edges. These percussive disruptions made with Stone Age tools impart a sense of unexpected fragility to bold forms on which intimately land-marked surfaces convey an archaeological sensibility, accentuate the whiteness of pure silver and reveal the rich colours of high carat gold. Burnished edges are glinting counterpoints to granite textures reminiscent of earthly and lunar landscapes.

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