Kathryn Hearn

Kathryn Hearnís practice traces the landscapes of her life: the Lake District, urban London and recently the Cambridgeshire Fens. This new work responds to the rhythms of an ancient and manipulated landscape, which is now industrially managed. The massive scale of the Fenland spaces, with their unexpected and extraordinary colours, hues and textures have provided immediate and visceral opportunities for her to develop her skill and visual language. The collection pays homage to the hidden expertise of the intensive vegetable farming in which she is now surrounded.

Hearn interrogates her ideas by exploiting flax paper porcelain, an innovative clay technology which allows her to hand build forms which are constructed with components that are only tenuously connected; this links to her previous technique of strata casting with hand crafted processes. She has deconstructed the manufacturing processes and parts of the pot in order to develop her interest in hand crafts and integrated surfaces.

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