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CAA welcomed eleven new makers to its membership in 2019. A selection of their diverse and cross-disciplinary work was showcased at the gallery in the autumn. The new maker members are: ceramicists Caroline Egleston, Deirdre…


CAA welcomed eleven new makers to its membership in 2019. A selection of their diverse and cross-disciplinary work was showcased at the gallery in the autumn. The new maker members are: ceramicists Caroline Egleston, Deirdre Burnett, Delfina Emmanuel and Jaejun Lee, jewellers Claire Underwood, Emily Kidson and Kathryn Hinton, textile artists Anna Gravelle, Caroline Richards and Joanna Kinnersly-Taylor as well as furniture maker Matthew Paré.

The ceramics on display reinforced what a rich and varied discipline this is today. Caroline Egleston carefully arranges handmade tiles to create dynamic pieces (‘tilescapes’) in which patterns, colours and textures play off each other and evoke an unconsciously recorded landscape ‘in the mind’s eye’. Also on display were six vessels by Deirdre Burnett, who works in small as well as floor standing forms. Her slips and glazes have evolved over years, allowing her to create remarkable volcanic surfaces in striking colours. Delfina Emmanuel’s intricate and lustrous sculptural semi-porcelain pieces, such as decorative bowls and tea pots, are inspired by the marine life of her native Sardinia and the awe-inspiring detail of coral structures in particular. Korean-born Jaejun Lee specialises in porcelain and makes both artistic vessels and functional ware. Aiming to make objects that are both beautiful and useful, his simple forms emphasise clear shapes and smooth surfaces. On show at CAA was a selection of Lee’s oil burners and stacking bowls.

Jeweller Claire Underwood transforms the rich textures and colours of objects collected on her frequent travels into designs embellished with bright enamel, colourful glass beads and lately precious gemstone beads. Moments of rich colour and texture contrast with clean, elegant shapes in her rings and brooches formed from matt silver or 18ct gold. Emily Kidson’s layered, intuitively designed statement jewellery marries bold materials with traditional craftsmanship. Silver, gold, wood, inlay and hand painted details feature alongside boldly coloured laminate. Sensitive use of colour is central to the minimal, subtly layered aesthetic of her work. Jeweller and silversmith Kathryn Hinton explores geometric forms and uses 3D computer software to design bold necklaces, pendants and earrings, as well as lidded boxes. The digital surface is formed to represent hammer strikes and marks made in metal, highlighting both form and texture.

Anna Gravelle uses tufting to add a three-dimensional character to her textile wall pieces, cushions and throws. She has given tufting a contemporary edge by using luxurious wool and silk and working the technique like exquisite embroidery. Weaver Caroline Richards has a passion for wool. She employs traditional techniques and skills such as wet-finishing and uses the freedom of hand weaving to create one-off throws and scarves, which often feature her own dye blends. Textile artist Joanna Kinnersly-Taylor makes screen-printed one-off works for interiors as well as site-specific, often large-scale commissions. Her current work features small units arranged in a grid, allowing flexible dimensions and fusing the idea of individual compositions with an overall rhythmic structure.

Petrel Furniture is the trademark of maker Matthew Paré whose furniture combines uncompromising quality and refined craftsmanship, with particular focus on hand and tool. He creates a range of understated work with restrained detailing that shows off the natural beauty of native wood and an honest integrity in making. CAA showed his Godin bench, a pair of side tables and a framed mirror.

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