Making, metal and place

10.09.15 - 24.10.15

Walk down any urban street in the UK and one of the most dominant materials that surrounds you is metal: railings, gates, security fencing, signboards, lampposts, roofing materials, bridges, rail tracks and drain covers. Movement through our towns and cities is, one way or another, shaped by metal. 

This exhibition draws attention to eight contemporary designers and makers who have shaped some of these metal environments with particular skill and imagination in recent years. 

The common thread is that each trained as a hands-on maker in fields of jewellery and metalwork. Training in the direct craft of fine metalwork on one scale underpins the sensitive, successful designs on another, much larger scale. 

The exhibition includes large scale work and photographs of the site-specific projects, which are shown alongside working drawings and information on each commission. Examples of jewellery and domestic silverwork are also displayed. Much of the work in the exhibition is for sale.

CAA maker members John Creed, Katy Hackney and Wendy Ramshaw CBE are joined by guests Linda Brothwell, Steven Follen, Tom Jarvis, Chris Knight and Laura Potter. 

The exhibition has been guest-curated by Amanda Game, an independent curator and writer in the field of contemporary applied art and design. 

Wendy Ramshaw, Eton High Street (detail)
Photo: George Gammer

Katy Hackney, Willoughby Passage Gate, Canary Wharf 

Special Event
Metal in Bankside Ė Guided Walk
Saturday, 19 September, 11am

As part of London Design Festival 2015 we are hosting a guided walk through Bankside with sculptor and medallist Danuta Solowiej, looking at metal in the public realm. 

The walk starts at CAA and ends at Borough Market and will take 90 minutes.

This event is free but places are limited and advance booking is essential. Please call 020 7620 0086 or email to book or click here for further information.

Also showing

Contemporary metalwork: New work by CAA members

Contemporary Metalwork showcases new pieces and small collections, highlighting the diverse range of styles, finishes, approaches and techniques which define fine metalworking today. Intended for domestic settings, this work complements the larger scale of the pieces shown in Resonance. Featured CAA makers include leading artists Simone ten Hompel, Adi Toch, Grant McCaig and Ane Christensen

Ane Christensen

Grant McCaig

Adi Toch

Simone ten Hompel


Maker in Focus: Julian Stair

Julian Stair is one of the UKís leading potters and writers on ceramics. He took up pottery at 16 and went on to study at Camberwell School of Art and the Royal College of Art. He has exhibited internationally over the last 30 years and has work in over 20 public collections including the Victoria & Albert Museum, British Museum, American Museum of Art & Design, New York, Mashiko Museum of Ceramic Art, Japan and the Museum Boijmans van Beuningen, Rotterdam. 

Recent exhibitions include 'Quotidian' at Corvi-Mora Gallery, London and 'Quietus: The Vessel, Death and the Human Body' at Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art and on tour throughout UK.  From common rituals surrounding death to the daily touch of a cup, Stairís work celebrates the dynamics of use and the way that pottery permeates and is integral to human experience.

Work in progress

'Monumental Jars' at MIMA



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