New Year Showcase

Resolutions and Transformations

22.01.15 - 08.03.15

A group showcase of new work and rarely seen pieces by ceramicists Michael Flynn and Sue Paraskeva, stone mason Peter Coates and textile artists Shellie Holden, Jennie Moncur and Fiona Rutherford.

Fiona Rutherford

Both Fiona Rutherford and Jennie Moncur are renowned tapestry weavers. A love of colour is central to both their work. Whereas Moncur’s bright tapestries use plant references and textile patterns in illusionary imagery she calls ‘captured windows’, Rutherford is transforming more abstract drawings into large woven pieces.

Shellie Holden has recreated a Native Alaskan Parka, which will be on show as a window installation at CAA, incorporating some of the props that have been used to frame, shape, and construct the piece.  The parka would have traditionally been made from an Alaskan animal intestine, such as seal gut, and the transparent material beautifully embellished with stitch and found materials. This recreated version was constructed using locally sourced pig intestine.

Shellie Holden

Jennie Moncur

Sue Paraskeva is showing her ‘Smashed’ installation (2012), which was inspired by an artwork made from boxes of smashed eggs, which she had seen in a museum. Known for elegant yet robust porcelain tableware, this more conceptual piece allowed Sue to explore her chosen material in new ways – namely deliberately smashing perfectly thrown pots.

Peter Coates new work ‘Mantlepiece’ is part of a series of recent works in marble referencing drapery and garment rendering in classical and academic sculpture; imbued with a sense of the domestic, the personal and of a quiet absence. The sectional, or part nature alludes to a block of worked masonry, the folds of drapery imply mouldings or architectural detailing.

We will also be showing a group of ceramic pieces by Michael Flynn. Michael simply says of his work: Man, Beast, born of the forest. A confusion of roles. I make therefore I am.

Sue Paraskeva

Peter Coates

Michael Flynn

Meet The Makers

Special event: Saturday 21 February, 3-5pm

As part of our exhibition ‘New Year Showcase: Resolutions and Transformations’ we are holding a Meet the Makers event. Come to the gallery between 3pm and 5pm for your opportunity to talk to makers Peter Coates, Sue Paraskeva, Jennie Moncur and Shellie Holden. Admission is free.



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