London Craft Week

& The Crafted City

07.05.15 - 10.05.15

London Craft Week aims ‘to introduce the talent, people and techniques behind beautifully made things to a wider audience’.

Contemporary Applied Arts is delighted to be a partner in the inaugural London Craft Week this May.  Our contribution is The Crafted City project, a week of informative and interactive events designed to demonstrate excellence in craftsmanship and celebrate the role of making... set in a specially-crafted pop up pavilion adjacent to the CAA gallery.

The Crafted City pavilion will provide an elegant setting for the showcasing of exemplary applied arts, all one-off and handmade, whilst serving as a crafted object in and of itself. Filled with the work of some of Britain’s most skilled and creative makers, this elegant modular structure made of birch marine ply will be furnished with new work commissioned by CAA from some of its most innovative maker members: 

Ceramics: Dylan BowenDaphne CarnegyRobert Cooper
Metal: John Creed
Glass: Stewart HearnKate MaestriMichael RuhHelen SlaterSimon Moore
Textiles: Michelle House
Wood/Furniture: Ray KeyAlex MacDonald

Two of the large-scale commissions in the pavilion refer to the history of making in Southwark: blue and white pottery and hot glass. Blue and white tiles will clad parts of the interior and exterior. These have been designed by ceramicist Daphne Carnegy, who drew inspiration from the tradition of potteries and makers in Southwark. Her designs, which refer to the flora and fauna of Bankside, the Thames and London, have been transformed into tiles by Johnson Tiles

A large piece of hand blown glass, measuring approximately 3m x 1.5m will form part of the end wall of the pavilion. The translucent blue panel has been designed by Kate Maestri and manufactured by Derix Glass in collaboration with Lamberts Glass.

Allies & Morrison has designed the structure for the temporary pavilion. Constructed from a series of plywood boxes arranged to create seven triangular arched bays, the pavilion will be built by Supershop, based in Hackney Wick, and erected in Farnham Place behind the architect’s studio and CAA gallery.

The Crafted City project has been generously supported using public funding by the National Lottery through the Arts Council's Grants for the arts programme. 

Make, see, do, learn, be amazed!

Come and explore The Crafted City

The Crafted City pavilion will offer a flexible space for audiences to meet, talk, learn about and explore craft. London’s proud heritage as a continuing creative incubator will shine through all elements of the project and visitors will benefit from a dynamic and engaging programme of talks, demonstrations and making sessions.

Demonstrations and meet the maker events are free and open to everyone.

 are free and open to everyone. 
Places are limited to 15 people per session on a first come first served basis on the day.

Master Class tickets are £10 each. Places are very limited and booking is essential.
Please call 020 7620 0086 to book. (These events are at CAA Gallery)

Thursday 7th May

10am – 4.30pm: The pavilion is open to all for viewing

12.45pm – 1.30pm: Felt Fantastic,
demonstration by textile artist Heather Belcher

Friday 8th May

10am – 4.30pm: The pavilion is open to all for viewing

12.45pm – 1.30pm: Magnificent Metal,
 talk by silversmith Vicki Ambery-Smith

Saturday 9th May

10am – 4.30pm: The pavilion is open to all for viewing

10am – 11am: Meet the Maker,
textile artist Michelle House

10.30am – 12.30pm: Master Class: Touching Metal with silversmith Adi Toch
A rare opportunity to spend a morning with master craftswoman Adi Toch where she will discuss aspects of her practice and show examples of her work and work in progress. During this intimate session, Toch will consider the links between thinking and making and reflect on her processes, ideas behind recent work, relationship with objects and the role of the senses and experience of tactility in her work.  Participants will come away with new and surprising insights into the power and richness of working with fine metals and an increased knowledge about the materials themselves, as well as a better understanding of the creative process and the making of fine crafted objects. This event is at CAA gallery, booking is essential.

10.30am-11.30am & 12.45pm – 1.45pm: A smashing Saturday in Southwark,
 ceramicist Sue Paraskeva demonstrates her practice, both throwing and smashing! Her admired work has been collected by Kevin Costner, Calvin Klein and others interested in fine porcelain and timeless elegant shapes. Part 1: In these demonstration Sue will be throwing porcelain vessels.

2pm –3pm: Meet the Maker, ceramicist Robert Cooper

3pm - 4pm: A smashing Saturday in Southwark,
 Sue Paraskeva
Part 2: In this demonstration Sue will be smashing the pots to create an installation.

Also at CAA gallery
1.30pm – 2.30pm & 3pm – 4pm: Meet the Makers, artists on show in our current exhibition Leaving Home

Sunday 10th May

10am – 4.30pm: The pavilion is open to all for viewing

10.30am – 12.30pm: Master Class:  Nature, Woodland and fine furniture with Angus Ross

Furniture maker Angus Ross has a deep understanding of the design process and a creative flair for creating pure and beautiful work that is a joy to use. Based in Scotland, much of the wood used in his work is taken from his own woodland. Come and hear his thoughts on making and creating. This event is at CAA gallery, booking is essential.

11am – 12.30pm: Meet the Maker,
ceramicist Daphne Carnegy

12.45pm – 1.30pm: Crafting Creatures,
demonstration by ceramic artist Agalis Manessi

2pm – 4pm: Print Power:
four 30 minute drop in print workshops with ceramic artist Joanna Veevers

3pm –  4pm: Meet the Maker,
glass artist Michael Ruh

Also at CAA gallery
1.30pm – 2.30pm & 3pm – 4pm: Meet the Makers, artists on show in our current exhibition Leaving Home

Images of The Crafted City pavilion

Robert Cooper, candlesticks & sconces in the pavilion

Tiles by Daphne Carnegy and banners by Michelle House

Southwark-inspired glass by Helen Slater

Michael Ruh lights & glass panel by Kate Maestri



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