A Change of Direction

13.03.13 – 10.04.15

An exhibition of exceptional British craft that explores the elastic mind, unfettered by risk and curious to embrace new perspectives.

Michael Carberry, metal

Curated in collaboration with Circus London, this exhibition recognises the delight of unexpected outcomes: fruitful errors of exploration that lead to new discoveries.

The circus is full of performers who transcend the limits of the human body to thrill and delight. Through years of disciplined practice and dedication, their talent gives them the courage to leap into the unknown. So be it for this show – seven exceptional contemporary craftspeople have challenged the boundaries of their practice to leap into new creative territory.

Each of the featured makers has taken risks with their work, consciously leaving the safety of successful working methods and approaches for a move into unknown technical and creative territory. All of the pieces in the exhibition show distinctive transformations in scale, ambition, materiality and purpose.

Taking inspiration from both the fascination with the failures that make success
and the beauty of the imperfections that make us human, the exhibition recalls the idea of Wabi Sabi that embraces the imperfect, impermanent and incomplete.

Most of the featured work is for sale.

Michael Carberry – Metal
John Creed – Metal
Susie Freeman – Textile
Stewart Hearn – Glass
Kristina Kitchener – Jewellery
Susan Nemeth – Ceramics
Angela Thwaites – Glass
Jonathan Wade – Ceramics

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John Creed, metal

Stewart Hearn, glass

Susie Freeman, textiles

Susan Nemeth, ceramics

In collaboration with Circus London



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