Laura Youngson Coll

Perrier-Jout Arts Salon Prize Winner 2014

25.06.14 - 31.08.14

Contemporary Applied Arts is delighted to host the exhibition of the 2014 Perrier-Jout Arts Salon Prize winner, Laura Youngson-Coll.

Lichen, 2014

Founded by Champagne Perrier-Jout to support emerging talent in the field of contemporary craft, the Arts Salon Prize is presented annually to an up and coming talent on the craft horizon. Laura works in leather and vellum; she was selected by the Perrier-Jout Arts Salon members from a shortlist of 10 candidates.

Laura is inspired by the natural world. Techniques of on-laying, paring and manipulating saturated leather are utilised. The materials are disengaged from their familiar function in book binding and employed within intricate sculptural works. Her work is designed to question assumptions about the aesthetic of leather, provoking a closer look. She aims to articulate the diverse skills and patient making involved in working with such an exacting material.

As part of the Arts Salon Prize, Laura has been awarded membership to CAA for a year.

Please click here for more information about the prize.

Haeckel, 2014

Indicator Species Series, 2014

Laura's work on display at CAA, photograph courtesy of Champagne Perrier-Jouet



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