Autumn Showcase

24.10.14 - 16.11.14

An exhibition of new work by 12 new and existing CAA member makers.

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Neil Bottle

Neil Bottle is a designer with over 25 years’ experience in the fashion textiles industry, his work is held in collections around the world. 

Neil’s current research explores how creative skills acquired through analogue processes can coexist with contemporary digital design and production, exploring the relationships between traditional and contemporary textile print methodologies, one-off and mass production methods. His research into computer aided design programmes has yielded surprising similarities to the hand crafted screen-printing techniques he has worked with throughout his career.

The ‘Travellogue Collage’ sofa and triptych are designed as digital one-offs, a carefully crafted balance of the hand and the digital.

Stuart Carey

Hand thrown in batch to order, Stuart Carey’s semi porcelain stoneware vessels combine as beautiful high-end tableware for everyday use or purely for display.  

Lifted from the wheel whilst wet each piece is left with an individual movement making them completely unique whilst sitting comfortably in sets or families of scale. The colour pallet of subtle blues, creams, lemons and beiges sit quietly and are never over bearing yet have a strength and familiarity with which user and viewer feel a comfort. 

The series was developed during an MA at the Royal College of Art titled ‘The Intimacy of Functional Objects’.

Joel Degen

Joel Degen’s jewellery is precise and engineered, with a clean aesthetic. Using metals such as stainless steel and titanium, combined with 18ct gold and small precious stones, they are ‘constructed’ using gold or titanium rivets. 

The effect produced by the marriage of modern industrial and traditional metals, as well as the use of unorthodox methods of construction is reinforced by the cool, unfussy character of the design. His jewellery is intriguing, beautiful and wearable, underpinned by references to our technological environment. 

Joel is a self-taught jeweller with work held in collections worldwide.

Emily Gardiner

Emily Gardiner completed her MA at the Royal College of Art only last year, however she previously had a career in interactive media. 

Coming from this background Emily has had a great amount of experience in the digital world and knows the extent to which the modern world is screen based dependent. Combined with her research on catharsis and embodiment of the intangible, as well as her passion for glazes, her pieces convey that sense of disruption and need for release. The contrast between the unglazed white and the coloured glaze allude to a sense of tension but also release.

Emily shows her work internationally.

Matthew Harris

For the first ten years of Matthew Harris’s artistic career he focused on creating works on paper. However, in 2000, he started to work with textiles. Harris’s practice focuses on mark making, abstract imagery, repetition and pattern, still leaning towards drawing as his starting point, he now also using dying, stitching and cutting cloth as mediums for drawing.

Graduating from Goldsmiths College in the late 80’s his career has seen him exhibited across the UK, Europe, the US and Japan.

Large commissions include a collaboration with composer Howard Skempton commissioned by Craftspace, Birmingham Contemporary Music Group and Arts Alive as well as the stage backdrop for the Cheltenham International Music Festival.

Teri Howes

After nearly twenty years as a graphic designer and a childhood of handicrafts Teri Howes combined these skills with her love of textiles to create crocheted jewellery.

Despite using metal, Teri creates fluid, energetic pieces that beg the viewer to take a closer look and discover the intricacy of the work.

The precious nature of her work does not come from the precious metals used but from the time and skill involved in making each piece, challenging the traditional assumptions of what precious jewellery is.

Teri calls this her ‘gentle rebellion against today’s world of instant everything.’

Jin Eui Kim

Jin Eui Kim is interested in illusory optical and spatial phenomena.

His work explores how the perception of three-dimensional ceramic forms can be manipulated by the application and arrangements of tonal bands on their surfaces. 

The illusory phenomena created are intended to be intriguing, to capture the viewer’s imagination, and to offer new possibilities for the decoration of ceramic artworks. 

In 2012 Jin completed a PhD in ceramics at Cardiff School of Art & Design, his work is exhibited internationally and held in the National Museum of Wales.

Claudia Lis

Since launching her studio, Claudia Lis has focused on developing a quiet body of celadon wares. Iron oxide migrates through the soft green glaze during firing, creating intricate markings reminiscent of ink stains on blotting paper, scorch marks and microscopic organisms.

Inspired by John Keats’ “Song of Opposites”, Claudia’s aesthetics bring together opposing forces such as randomness and control, immaculate surface and blemish, subtle colours and harsh contrast.  By uniting them in one piece she stresses the complimentary character of these opposites and the potential for beauty and reconciliation that lies within these unresolved tensions.

Morag Macpherson

Morag Macpherson’s background in commercial art is apparent in the production of her pieces. Motifs which are inspired by art history, different cultures and natural and urban shapes and lines are simplified, repeated, and coloured then outsourced to be digitally printed.

The outsourcing affords Morag the freedom of colour expression and ensures there are none of the limitations of other industrial printing techniques.

Her true passions are her artwear clothing and interior pieces which are all unique patchwork creations.

Ali Stringell

Ali Stringell is a designer-maker of jewellery and non-functional silverware. Originally trained as a set and costume designer, graduating from the Slade School of Fine Art, Ali has turned her interest in the magic of the theatre into working with precious metals.

Inspired by simplicity of shape and reflective light, Ali creates encapsulated brushed and unpolished ‘vessels’. With fleeting references to nature, each piece is spontaneous; sympathetically composed with a sensibility towards the drawn line and exploring the qualities of the material used.  

The marriage of silver and fragile elements,  paper, feathers, knitted wire, transform into unique sculptural pieces.

Rie Taniguchi

Rie Taniguchi draws her inspiration freely from everything she sees, reads and hears. Her main interests and concerns are in environment and wildlife. Documentaries, news stories, folk tales and myths all come into consideration.

She draws from photographs, films and real life, before designing from memory. Using combination of techniques like press forming, raising, constructing and carving with silver she strives to capture the essence of the creature.

Rie considers her groups of work as an installation under a theme but leaves it obscure and encourages viewer to contemplate and reflect.

Jonathan Wade

Jonathan Wade’s new work takes him away from investigating composite constructions to explore relationships between the aspects of simplified shapes. With form not taking the lead he concentrates on the surface of his objects experimenting with thick glazes over stylized and random textures, well as the scale. 

Playing with scale feeds Jonathan’s interest in the viewer’s interaction with an object and how objects themselves influence our passage through the world. 

Jonathan graduated from the RCA in 2013 having already had a successful career exhibiting nationally and internationally which he continues to do.



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