Mo Jupp

Over the years Mo Jupp’s work has become increasingly calm. If those threatening blistered clay helmets of the early 70’s perhaps pointed to a darker side in our nature, his intense and loving explorations of the female nude reveal an artist more at peace with the world. His images have become less fractured and more whole – in essence if not in structure – more celebratory.
Regardless of theme, the work has preserved its own silence, in which Jupp has probed into mass and space with an abstract vision that deals more with essence than literalism.

Jupp’s work appears to have been a long and gradual reach for the sky. If the early helmets were low articulations, comparable to the meditative nature of Brancusi’s heads, so his latest work has pushed the figure higher, and to its abstract limits.
David Whiting

Born  1938, London

 Camberwell School of Art
1964-67  MA Royal College of Art

  Mo Jupp’s 70th Birthday Exhibition, Where I Fell    in Love Gallery
2003  Peter’s Barn, solo
‘Celebrating Education’ Contemporary Applied Arts
1999  ‘Body Language’ Shipley Art Gallery, Gateshead
1998  Lynne Strover Gallery, Cambridge
1996  ‘Hot Off the Press’ Crafts Council, tour
1995  ‘The Body’ Contemporary Applied Arts
‘Pandoras Box’ Crafts Council
‘Body Language’, Oxford Gallery




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