Jane Hamlyn

'I set up my studio in 1975 and began working as a full-time studio potter in the Leach tradition. The first ten years were spent acquiring skills & knowledge but I decided not to limit myself to a standard range so that my work could develop and evolve and hopefully, improve.

My functional pots have always been made to celebrate the rituals of daily life – serving, receiving and sharing. These important activities merit very special attention.

In the 1980s I began to incorporate modelled handles and textured surfaces into my pots. In 1986 I was awarded a John Ruskin Bursary and spent six weeks in Hungary working with an international group of artists and returned home invigorated, more confident and more adventurous.

I still believe in the eloquent usefulness of function but am discovering a wider interpretation of its meaning.'

Born  1940 London

1972–74  Harrow College of Art

 European Saltglaze Prize
1993  Saltzbrand Prizewinner Koblenz
1989  Fletcher Challenge Prize NZ.
1986  Crafts Council / John Ruskin Award

Selected Exhibitions
 Meisters der Moderne, Munich
2011  Contemporary Ceramics, London
2010  Ruthin Gallery, North Wales
Goldmark Gallery, Uppingham UK
2009  Galerie Marianne Heller, Heidelberg
2008  Fiskaars Galerie, Finland
Kunstforum Galerie, Swtitzerland
2007  Galerie Besson, London Jug Show
COLLECT at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London
2006  ‘Table Manners’, CRAFTS COUNCIL
Galerie Besson, ‘Three Potters’
Ha Gamle Gallery, Norway
Loes & Reinier Galerie, The Netherlands
2005  Silicate Arts Exhibition, Hungary
2004  Galerie Eewal, The Netherlands
Gallery British Columbia, Vancouver
COLLECT at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London
2003  The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh
‘What is Craft’ at THE HUB U.K.
‘Meisters der Moderne’, Munich
Carlin Gallery, Paris France 

Public Collections
Victoria & Albert Museum London
Crafts Council Permanent Collection
City Museum & Art Gallery Stoke-on-Trent
Aberystwyth Arts Centre
The Castle Museum Nottingham
Norwich Castle Museum & Art Gallery
Cleveland Ceramics Collection
Aberdeen Art Gallery
The Ulster Museum Belfast
Shipley Art Gallery Newcastle
Auckland Museum & Art Gallery N.Z.
Stuttgart Landesmuseum
The Princessehof Museum The Netherlands
Grimmerhus Ceramic Museum Denmark
Keramikmuseum Westerwald Germany
Ariana Ceramics Museum, Geneva
The American Museum of Ceramic Art USA 




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