Cleo Mussi & Matthew Harris

Cleo Mussi & Matthew Harris

02.03.12 - 14.04.12

Focus Artists
Fenella Elms -ceramics
Susie Gillespie -textiles
Moriko Sumioka -jewellery
Louis Thompson -glass

Textile artist Matthew Harris and Mosaic artist Cleo Mussi have lived and worked side by side in various studios since 1987 and Ď50/50í is their first joint exhibition.

Ď50/50í aims to show the work of two individuals working in parallel yet independently on a theme. The work on initial viewing may appear to have little in common, however their work shares a language that involves the repetitive construction of whole complex images from pieces of cloth, paper and reclaimed ceramic. The process of fragmenting materials, its reconstruction and echoed
imagery is their common ground.

The show, derived from a research trip to Japan, is in two halves. Whilst Harrisís cloth works are abstract compositions that breathe into the space leaving the viewer time for contemplation, Mussiís figurative mosaics represent the mad chaos, modern production and contemporary imagery.



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