Rupert Williamson

Born 1945  London

 University of Teeside PhD
1971  Royal College of Art MA
1968  High Wycombe College BA

Commissions & Exhibitions
  Private commission for a dining room
2009  Private Commissions
2008  Private Commissions
2007  Private Commissions
2006  Private Commissions
2005  Private Commissions
2004  Design and make storage cabinet for Audubonís complete set of books of The Birds of America,
2003  Furnish complete flat in Edinburgh
2000  Reception desks for Norwich Castle Museum
2000  Furnish complete flat in London
1999  Reception desk and bar for Stables Theatre, Milton Keynes
1998  Win Commission to create reception desk for Queen Elizabeth Hospital
Win Commission to create reception for Milton Keynes Art Gallery.
Exhibit Commission of Contemporary Applied Arts 50 th Anniversary Table.
1997  Exhibition of work at the Gallery of Contemporary Applied Arts
Piece bought for the Fitzwilliam Museum.
Win commission to create Time Capsule for Ross Hospital.
1996  Win Commission to design and make chairs for Wolverhampton Art Gallery
Visit Japan to visit workshops and Promote work
1995  Visit USA Lecture at R.S.I.D.I. Providence, and promote work in New York
1994  Win commission to design and make Degree Ceremony Chairs for the Open University
Visit Australia Lecture at R.M.I.T. Melbourne and visit other craftsmen

Public Collections
Victoria and Albert Museum, London - Chair Maple and rosewood
Buckinghamshire Museum, Aylesbury - Chair Sycamore and Walnut
Royal Scottish Museum, Edinburgh - Table Yew and Sycamore
Decorative Arts Museum, Montreal, Canada - Table Ebony and Sycamore
Fitzwilliam Museum - Table Osage Orange and Sycamore
Crafts Council London - Chair Maple Chair Sycamore
Warwick Arts Trust - Cabinet Sycamore and Walnut




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