Isabell Schaupp

My jewellery seems to belong to an as yet unknown flora and fauna.
Using traditional techniques and materials, surprising new forms originate. Enamel plays an important role in my work even though it is just one aspect of it. I appreciate its haptic qualities and the possibility to ‘draw’ on it with photographs. In the beginning I used to work with old photographs of my family to tell stories about different kinds of relationship. In my more recent work I have abstracted the theme, using images of satellite and funnel-like wire structures representing technical ‘organs’ to communicate between inner and outside worlds.
The funnel has becomes an especially prominent feature. Time and again this delicate shape emerges – either on its own or in formations of up to thirty pieces (thirty funnels/days=one month) from the surface, appearing to stretch out towards the observer, connecting the person wearing the jewel with the surrounding world.

Born  1969 Augsburg, Germany

 studied at the University of Applied Science and Art 
(HAWK) Hildesheim, special field metal design with Prof. Georg Dobler/Prof. Werner Bünck

  Grassi Award of Gallery Slavik, Vienna
2008  Innovation Award, Inhorgenta Munich
2007  3fg award, HAWK Hildesheim

Public Collections
Grassi Museum, Leipzig
Museum August Kestner, Hanover

Selected Exhibitions
2011  European Triennale for Contemporary Jewellery 2011', Anciens Abattoirs, Mons, Belgium
'Grassimesse', Grassi Museum for Applied Arts, Leipzig 
'Danner- Prize 2011', Museum Villa Stuck, Munich
‚2.Schmuckkantine‘, Moritzburg Halle
'Conceptual jewellery', Gallery Putti, Riga, Latvia 
‘Cominelli Foundation Award', Fondazione Cominelli, Cisano di San Felice del Benaco, Italy
‘Total Stahl- Stahlpreis 2011’, Deutsches Klingenmuseum, Solingen
'Jewellery with enamel 2011', Museum Ravenstein, Netherlands
'Friedrich Becker Prize 2011', Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus Hanau 
'Collect 2011', London,UK
'Art to Go', Gallery Pilartz, Cologne
IHM 2011, Munich, Bayerischer Kunstgewerbeverein
'True colours', New traditional jewellery, Museum for Modern Arts in Arnhem, Netherlands
SOFA New York/SOFA Chicago, USA, represented by Charon Kransen Arts
2010  10 years Tielrode+ 20 years Gallery Sofie Lachaert, Tielrode, Belgium
‚Kunst und Handwerk‘, Museum of Arts and Crafts, Hamburg
20 years Gallery Slavik, Vienna, Austria
'Silbertiennale', Deutsches Goldschmiedehaus Hanau
True colours', New Traditional Jewellery, Sieraad Art fair, Amsterdam, Netherlands
'Es perlt….', Gallery Handwerk, Munich
‚Collect 2010', London, UK
Stephanie Jendis + Isabell Schaupp, Gallery Hermsen, Wiesbaden
'Natura e Artificio', Museum of Natural History of the Mediterranean, Livorno, Italy
Spring*, Gallery Sofie Lachaert, Tielrode, Belgium
Sonderschau 'Schmuck 2010', IHM Munich
'Schmucke Zauber Kraft', Gallery Slavik, Vienna
'18 Positionen zur zeitgenössischen Schmuck- und Gerätgestaltung', Goldschmiedehaus Hanau
SOFA New York/SOFA Chicago, USA, represented by Charon Kransen Arts
2009  European Prize for Applied Arts 2009, “Anciens Abattoirs”, Mons / Belgium
'Luxus', Bayerischer Kunstgewerbeverein Munich
‘2009 Itami international craft exhibition’, Museum of Arts and Crafts Itami, Japan
'Grassimesse', Grassi Museum for Applied Arts Leipzig
‘New Traditional Jewellery', CODA Museum, Apeldoorn, Netherlands
‘Triennale des norddeutschen Kunsthandwerks', Schloss Güstrow
'Evoking Mystery', 22 International Jewellers, DeNovo Gallery, Palo Alto, USA
Decadence', 18. International Silver art Competition, The Gallery of Art, Legnica, Poland
,Drei Individualisten', die Werkstattgalerie, Rosemarie Brodhag, Berlin
'Schmuckkunst der Poesie', Galerie Slavik, Vienna
SOFA New York/SOFA Chicago, USA, represented by Charon Kransen Arts
2008  'Winterreise', Galerie Slavik, Vienna
'Wenn die Kinder artig sind...', Bayerischer Kunstgewerbeverein, Munich
'New traditional Jewellery 2008 - Intimacy', Sieraad Art Fair, Amsterdam
Nachwuchsförderwettbewerb Schmuck und Gerät, Goldschmiedehaus Hanau
Grassimesse, Grassi Museum for Applied Arts, Leipzig
'Transformation', Gallery Funaki International Jewellery Award, Melbourne, Australia
SOFA New York/SOFA Chicago, USA, represented by Charon Kransen Arts





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