Carolina Gimeno

I make jewellery as architecture, nature invented patchwork mended, crystallized drawings, poems, abstracts landscapes in mist , maps of absence, metaphors of the body. It is a constant evolution of a internal process of perceptions and thoughts about places and human relations as fragments parts which can be re-build  once and another time,   appearing absence places  into the essence of my work.
Drawing without drawing, sewing without sewing, developing a language from a insistence on creating a family of forms through a process that was generated from the use of "pattern" as a metaphor of the body away discovering a new nature of forms  ... My work make me up imaginations in space and also complex blurred drawn in the dwelling place of my memory.

Born  May 1981. Valparaíso, Chile.

  University of Playa Ancha UPLA.
BA in Fine Arts, Department of Visual Arts, Chile.
2010  Superior Degree in Plastic Arts and Artistic Jewellery, with Honors at Escola Massana Barcelona, Spain.

 Selected in TALENTE 2011, The International Trade Fair for Skilled Trades.Munich, Germany.
Invited to be part of ICVEA, International Contemporary Vitreous Enamel
Archive, University of West of England, Bristol. UK
Selected in the Anual International Graduation Show, Galerie MARZEE. Nijmegen, Holland.
 Selected in the Biennal New Traditional Jewellery,
Sieraad Fair, Amsterdam, Holland.
2003  Special Prize by the Jury, Jewellery   «ARTFAD Awards» Capella's FAD, Barcelona.
2001  Scholarship «Academic excelence» Education Ministery. UPLA University, Chile.
2000  First Prize «X Annual Art» at the Faculty of Arts at the UPLA University, Chile.
1999  Scholarship «Visual Arts Talent» Upla University. Valparaiso,Chile.

Solo Exhibition
 « Portable Objects» Renzo Peccenino Foundation, Museum. Valparaíso. Chile.

Group Exhibitions
 «¡Genial! New Spanish Jewelry », Velvet da Vinci Gallery. San Francisco, CA. USA.
«Think Again: New Latin American Jewelry» Bellevue Art Museum, Seattle. USA.
« Starting Line 2» Amaranto Joies Gallery, Barcelona. Spain
« Talente » The International Trade Fair for Skilled Trades, Munich, Germany.
«LOOK» Various Artists, Curated by Ruudt Peters, Caroline van Hoek Gallery, during Schmuck ´s  week at Sonja Junkers Gallery. München, Germany.
«BÓRAX08001» WCC‐BF, World Craft Council, Mons. Belgium.
2010  «JOYABRAVA»  MAC, Museum of Contemporary Art, Santiago de Chile.
«Think Again: New Latin American Jewelry», MAD. Museum of Art and Desing. New York. USA.
«New Traditional Jewellery, True Colors » SIERAAD Fair, Amsterdam. Holland. Villa Bengel, Idar‐ Oberstain, Germany, MMKA, Museum of Modern Art, Arnhem, Holland.
«Annual Marzee Selection Graduate Show»  MARZEE Gallery, Nijmegen, Holland.
«Initial Proyect» Escola Massana. Barcelona. Spain.
«Cairo Forum 2010» Economic Develoment &Cultural Heritage, Handicrafts. Egypt.
«Partial view of the territory» Half Glass Exhibition, Departament of Arts, UPLA. Valparaiso, Chile.
«From the womb to Print» Engraving, ULS. University of Serena, Chile.
«Creative Connection» Escola Massana 80 years, Craft Center of Catalonia, Bcn. Spain.
2009  «Carles Codina and three student of Escola Massana» Ceppi Gallery, Santiago.Chile.
2008  «Les Joies del Liceu» Teatro Liceu, Barcelona. Spain
«Students of the Departament of Artistic Jewellery» Annual Student Show, Escola Massana.Bcn. Spain.

 « World One International Watch and Jewellery Journal» March, Germany.
«TALENTE 2011» Catalogue. The International Trade Fair for Skilled Trades, Munich, Germany.
«BÓRAX08001» Catalogue of the Exhibition at World Craft Center, Ed. WCC‐BF.
2005  «Confront your icon » About Action and Performance Art.Ed ESN‐CITRUS‐Ex Teresa.Chile.




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