Bettina Dittlmann

Thousands of solder joints are building a construction for a brooch of mine. Many layers of powdered enamel are sifted onto one piece.

The enamel is underfired.

The brooches are fired up to hundred times.

Iron wire, solder, enamel and time are the materials for these brooches.

I am using Red Enamel for my work, also Yellow, like the sun and Skyblue.

Often Red garnets, sparkling pyrite, also called fools gold, transparent glass chips and Turquoise, the forget-me-not of stones.

Dealing with colour. Dealing with form. Almost always circles.

Thinking a lot about jewellery.

I am making jewellery. Working from piece to piece. Following my thoughts working. Trying to trust what I make will be interesting to me.

Enamelling is an exhausting, but rewarding process.

Born  1964 Passau, Germany

Silversmithing apprenticeship, Neugablonz, Germany
1987-89  Academy of Fine Art, Munich, Prof. Hermann Jünger
1989-91  State University of New York, New Paltz, USA,     Prof. Jamie Bennett, Prof. Fred Woell, MA
1991-93  Academy of Fine Art, Munich, Prof. Otto Künzli,Diplom
1994-96  Studio in Brooklyn, New York, USA

  "Bavarian State Prize"
2005  "Bavarian State Prize"
2003  "Stateprize Berlin"
2001  "Herbert-Hofmann-Preis", Int. Handwerksmesse Munich
1999  "Prinzregent-Luitpold-Stiftung", Munich
1998  Gold-grant from Hafner Company, Pforzheim
1994  German Academic Exchange Service, Travel grant to USA    
"Förderpreis der Stadt München", Munich

Solo Exhibitions
 Jewelers´Werk Galerie, Washington, Dittlmann&Jank, 2010  Galerie Isabella Hund, "Punkt und Linie",  Dittlmann&Jank, Munich
Galerie Rob Koudjis, XXOOXXOOXXOOX , Dittlmann&Jank, Amsterdam, The
2009  Galerie Horst Stauber,"Beginnings without End", Dittlmann&Jank, Passau
2008  Galerie Rosemarie Jäger, "Unsere Sicht der Ringe", Dittlmann&Jank, Frankfurt, Germany
2007  Jewelers´Werk Galerie, "Wild Steel and More", Washington DC, USA
2006  Galerie Horst Stauber,"FOREVERRINGS", Dittlmann&Jank, Passau, Germany
Galerie Hilde Leiss, "FOREVERRINGS", Dittlmann&Jank, Hamburg, Germany
2005  Galerie Isabella Hund, "Für Immer", Dittlmann&Jank, Munich, Germany       
2004  Jewelers´Werk Galerie, "In Wald", Washington DC
2003  Galerie Hnoss, Dittlmann&Jank, Göteborg, Sweden
2002  Galerie Vice-Versa, Dittlmann&Jank, Lausanne, Switzerland 
2002  Galerie Hélène Poreé, "centonzecercles", Dittlmann&Jank, Paris,France  
2000  Jewelers´Werk Galerie, "Together", collaboration with Michael Jank, Washington DC, USA          
1998  Jewelers´Werk Galerie, "Moon and Sky", Washington DC, USA  
1997  Galerie Aurum, Frankfurt, Germany 

Group Exhibitions
Austria,Australia,Bosnia,Czech Republic,France,Germany,Great Britain, India,Japan,Lithuania,Switzerland,the Netherlands,USA

Metropolitan Museum, New York, USA
Victoria & Albert Museum, London, Great Britain
Die Neue Sammlung in der Pinakothek der Moderne, München, Germany
Muzeum Ceského raáje, Turnov, Czech Republic
Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art, New Paltz, USA and Privat Collections 




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