Adrean Bloomard

This group of work, as most of my pieces from recent years inspired by archaeological finds, aims to analyse and reinterpret essential elements typical of the Mediterranean society in a contemporary form, so as to exemplify the way of life of those populations. My works make reference to the body adornment and objects of antiquity unearthed in the present day.

I have been experimenting with enamel as this technique enables me to convey an aura of an object coming from the past, dating back to thousands of years ago. I like to use conventional materials and techniques in an unconventional way. In fact, I apply enamel to the surface of the metal so that it appears in encrustations and clots, to give a sense of an object that has been corroded by time.

I have carried out research relative to the study of historical elements that remain constant in time, and have explored the potential that objects from the past have of evoking sensations, memories and the consequent impact they have on the viewer.

Born  Italy 1966

 Art institute, Rome, Italy under Prof. Franco Uncini
2006  Workshop with Cristina Filipe of Ar.Co

Selected Exhibitions
 Pensieri Preziosi, Oratorio di San Rocco, curated by Padua Municipality
Selected to take part in exhibition Premio per il gioiello contemporaneo Fondazione Cominell
New Directions in Italian Contemporary Jewellery, Galerie Isabella Hund, Muenchen, Germany
2010  Selected to take part in exhibition Premio per il gioiello contemporaneo Fondazione Cominelli
Pezzi di Luna – Music and Contemporary Jewels, Maribor Cultural Centre, Slovenia
Italian Jewellery, The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh
Pezzi di Luna – Music and Contemporary Jewels, Museo d’Arte Moderna Ugo Carrà, Muggia (TS)
Archeogioielli Contemporanei, Museo Archeologico Anzio, Roma
Collect 2010, Saatchi Gallery, London
Focus on Adrean Bloomard, Electrum Gallery, London
The (Jewellery) Box, Galleria Maurer Zilioli, during Munich International Crafts Fair
2009  Electrum Gallery, London
Pezzi di Luna–Music and Contemporary Jewels, Ridotto del Teatro Verdi, Padua
F-Utili Gioielli per Emergency, Florence*
Il bijou nel tempo e la ricerca orafa contemporanea, Museo del Bijou Casalmaggiore, selection by Giampaolo Babetto
Contemporary Jewellery from Italy, Oratorio di S. Rocco, Padua
Terra di Mezzo, Museo delle Arti di Nocciano, Pescara
Artisti per Luchu, Palazzo Colonna, Rome
Collect, c/o Saatchi Gallery, London
Schmuck – Extreme, Galleria Maurer Zilioli, during the Munich International Crafts Trade Fair, Muenchen
2008  Senza Confini, Museo Etnografico del Friuli – Museo Friulano delle Arti e Tradizioni Popolari - Palazzo Giacomelli – Udine
Connections, as part of the Month of design in Slovenia 
Contemporanei, Galleria Fioretto, Padua
Shine, Electrum Gallery, London
New Play in Art, Galleria Maurer Zilioli, Brescia
New Play in Art, Heller Garden, Gardone Riviera
SOFA, New York, represented by The David Collection
Studio Aperto, Padua, group exhibition organized by agc
Schmuck 2008, Internationale Handwerksmesse München, later touring to School of Jewellery, Birmingham City University, Miejska Galeria Sztuki, Gallery Willa, Lodz
Collectibles, Alternatives Gallery, Rome
Gioiello Italiano Contempoarneo, Tecniche e materiali tra arte e design
Villa Valmarana - Vicenza
Palazzo Sforzesco – Milano
Kunstgewerbemuseum (Kulturforum), Berlin
Museo di Arti Decorative, Turin
Collect, Victoria & Albert Museum, London
2007-08  Contemporary Jewellery from Italy (touring)
Velvet da Vinci, San Francisco, USA
Galeria Hipotesi, Barcelona
Galeria Stanko, Wroclaw
Galeria Bielak, Crakow
Flow Gallery, London
2007  SOFA Chicago, represented by The David Collection
Galeria Tereza Seabra, Lisbon
SOFA New York, represented by The David Collection
Collectibles, Alternatives Gallery, Rome
Collect, Victoria & Albert Museum, London
2006  Museo d’Arte Orientale, Rome, Italy
4 punti di contatto tra Roma e Lisbona – cd project and exhibition
2005  In-contri, Galleria New Space, Trieste, Italy
“Winter Exhibition”, Alternatives Gallery, Rome, Italy 
“I Tesori della Steppa”, Palazzo Venezia, Rome, Italy
2004  “Winter Exhibition”, Alternatives Gallery, Rome, Italy
2004  Plateaux Gallery, London
2003  Christmas Show, Electrum Gallery, London
2003  Galerie Slavik, Vienna
2003  Ca De Oro, Venice, Italy
2002  Christmas Show, Electrum Gallery, London
2001  “The Image of Jewellery”, intl. exhibition of 47 artists, Alternatives Gallery, Rome
2001  “Works of Art”, group exhibition, Palazzo Barberini, Rome, Italy
1999  “Radicequadrataditredì”, Galleria Elios, Rome, Italy
1998  Solo exhibition, Alternatives Gallery, Rome, Italy
1998   Japan Pearl Contest, Japan
1997  Indossare il Futuro, Alternatives Gallery, Rome, Italy
1997   Accademia di Costume e Moda, Rome, Italy
from 1996 to date has taken part in annual exhibition organized by Rome Chamber of Commerce

  Alice & Louis Koch Collection of Rings
2011  Fondazione Cominelli Permanent Collection

Publications (selection):
  Collect, Scala ed.
Arte y Joya, Sept.-Oct. 2007
2008  500 Pendants & Lockets, Lark Books 
Adorn, Laurence King Publishers
Gioiello Italiano Contemporaneo, Tecniche e materiali tra arte e design, ed. Skira-Rizzoli
Collect, Scala ed.
Schmuck 2008
Myair Magazine
2009  Masters: gold, Lark Books
The Compendium of Contemporary Jewellery Makers, Darling Publications
2010  Collect
Pendants, Lark Books
500 Silver Objects, Lark Books
Art Aurea, 3-2010
2011  Art Aurea, 1-2011




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