Intelligent Trouble: Loop

Intelligent Trouble: Loop

28.07.11 - 03.09.11

Some of the artists will be in the gallery for an informal discussion on Thursday
4th August from 4.30 – 5.30pm.

Helen Carnac
David Clarke
Robert Ebendorf
David Gates
Katy Hackney
David Littler

Focus Artists
Lin Cheung -jewellery
Fiaz Elson - glass
Sarah Walton -ceramics

International Focus
Stephen Bird -ceramics

Six artists making work between them: suggesting, prompting and responding with objects, materials, sounds and words. Intelligent Trouble has shifted, changed, and remained the same. Without immediate plan or intention ideas have moved across disciplines and practices resulting in improvisatory and contingent points. As much as being finished objects the works in this collection are pauses in ongoing conversations, bringing together exchanges that have happened and pointing to ongoing possibilities. The processes of collective production are laid bare, any ‘aesthetic’ runs deeper than the surface – they look, and sound, like what caused them to be.



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