Drawing Near the Light-

Kate Maestri

Drawing Near the Light -Kate Maestri

09.09.11 - 08.10.11

Kate Maestri

Focus Artists (downstairs)
Tanya Gomez -ceramics
Louisa Taylor -ceramics
Adi Toch -silver
Katie Walker -furniture

Electrum Focus
Momoko Kumai

“Perhaps no Englishman, apart from the owners of truly ancestral homes, had ever felt such passionate attachment to a building”
Fiona MacCarthy, William Morris, A Life of Our Time

For the London Design Festival, CAA present a contemporary response by the architectural glass artist Kate Maestri to the importance of the relationship between William Morris and Kelmscott Manor, his home for 25 years. The work, which considers the influence of the house and its gardens, marks the 150th anniversary of Morris & Co, his interior design company founded in 1861.

For this exhibition, Maestri reconfigures the scale of the architecture and garden within the confines of the gallery. Her series of sculptural glass pieces contrasts the simplicity of the architectural interior with the rich organic tapestry of plants growing outside. With a colour palette which evokes the contrasting forms and tones of light and shade within the house and its grounds, the work individually and collectively evokes the spirit of Kelmscott Manor in an experiential fashion.



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