A Unique Proposal -An exhibition celebrating the romance of British craft

A Unique Proposal
An exhibition celebrating the romance of British Craft 

14.01.11 - 19.02.11

Artists' Participating
Peter Archer
Phil Atrill
Susie Freeman
Rajesh Gogna
Julia Griffiths-Jones
Cecil Jordan
Robert Kilvington
Bert Marsh
Lindean Mill Glass
Ptolemy Mann
Cleo Mussi
Margaret O'Rorke
Sue Paraskeva
Michael Ruh
Charlotte Sale
Willy Smax
Rupert Spira
Andrea Walsh

Focus Artists (downstairs)
Diana Greenwood -jewellery
Helen Slater -glass

CAA is delighted to announce the launch of ĎA Unique Proposalí, a selling exhibition of one-off pieces made by hand and designed with romance in mind. Whether itís a wedding gift, Valentineís gift or simply a heart-felt symbol of affection, this show features exciting textiles, glass, ceramics, wood and metal objects that are impossible to resist.

ĎA Unique Proposalí sees the gallery transformed into a lavish wedding reception, the head table dressed with some of the best one-off tableware handmade in the UK, as well as spring wedding flowers by Paula Pryke and textile-inspired chocolate sculptures by Sir Hans Sloane Chocolate.

To help mark the exhibition, CAA is launching a much-anticipated gift list service
like no other called ĎBespoke: A Handmade Gift Listí. Whether you are getting
married, celebrating a special birthday or other special occasion, CAA offers a great alternative to the more traditional ways of holding a wedding or gift list. Couples or those receiving the gifts can arrange a list of pieces that they would like bought for them, or guests can simply contribute towards a voucher, which they can redeem on several pieces or one important piece.

As always in the lower gallery, there will be a large display of contemporary jewellery.

CAA would like to thank Paula Pryke Flowers and Sir Hans Sloane Chocolates for their generous sponsorship.



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