Caroline Bartlett

Resulting from investigations into museological systems recent works have focused on the act of collecting, conserving and archiving, and on the overwriting of histories.  Accumulation, erasing and reworking, folding and unfolding, have become central to both ideas and working methods.

For the current work I have been tracking back through my own archive.  I have begun to reflect on the process of making and the conjunctions of mind and the rhythms of the body employed in such activity.  Past works have been reconfigured to make new works; a retracing of experience through drawing and stitching. These mapped drawings respond to the original and reinterpret them becoming a deposit of memory, activity, invention and future possibility; a re-archiving.

 MA in Public Art, Chelsea School of Art
1988-1990  Postgrad Dip. in Textile Art, Goldsmiths College.
1977-1978  Postgrad Dip. in Printed Textiles, Leeds University.
1974-1977  BA (Hons) Textiles, C.S.A.D.

2002/03  ‘British Crafts in Japan’ Research Trip. Crafts Council
1998/2000  London Arts Board Awards

Recent Exhibitions
 ‘Bending the Line’ Hub, Sleaford; Rijswijk, Netherlands; Collins Gallery, Glasgow.  
10th Wave Browngrotta Arts, USA.
2008  ‘Size Matters’, Rochester Art Gallery.
2007/5/4  ‘Collect’ Victoria and Albert Museum.
2006  ‘Tracing Threads’, Hove Museum.
‘Traces and Echoes’, Museum in the Park, Stroud.
‘Beyond Weaving: International Artextiles’, Flinn Gallery, Greenwich, USA. 
2005/3/2/1  SOFA, New York, Chicago, USA
2005  ‘Capturing the Essence – a Sense of Place’, Stroud House, Stroud.
2004  ‘Ragged Beauty; Repaired Textiles and Other Objects’, MOCFA, San Francisco, USA.
‘In Context’, Victoria and Albert Museum.
‘Sculpted Surface’, Linden Arts Centre, Melbourne, Australia.
2000-02  ‘Art Textiles’, Bury St Edmunds Art Gallery, touring

2003  Whitworth Art Gallery
2001  Weiner Library
2000  Brindley Place, Birmingham. Argent PLC
2000  ‘Textiles on Site’, Abbey Gardens, Bury St Edmunds

Public Collections
Victoria and Albert Museum, Whitworth Art Gallery, Crafts Council, Bankfield Museum, Hilton Hotel in Addis Ababa, Embroiderers Guild Museum Collection, Argent  PLC.





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