Intelligent Trouble:
A Curious Exchange

19th February - 20th March

Discussions will be
facilitated in the gallery
by Helen Carnac, Lin
Cheung, David Clarke
and David Gates on:

Thurs 18 Feb 1-2pm
Sat 20 Feb 2pm
Wed 3 March 4pm
Sat 6 March 3pm
Wed 10 March 4pm
Wed 17 March 6.30pm

Helen Carnac
Lin Cheung
David Clarke
David Gates

Focus Artists (downstairs)
Karen Bartlett - jewellery
Robert Cooper - ceramics
Ashley Howard - ceramics
Mo Jupp - ceramics
Margaret O'Rorke-ceramics

Helen Carnac, Lin Cheung, David Clarke and David Gates. Four established makers who are known for their inquisitive and challenging approaches to their disciplines have come together to make work for this unique four-way collaboration. This project began as with so many other things in a conversation, we found that we wanted to explore the possibilities of working together having realised that beyond the visual and material differences in our more visible outputs there was a space where our practices and our thoughts overlapped. In collaborating and working together we have used words and objects. Passing and exchanging half formed ideas, starting points and statements, making and waiting for responses. This dialogue allowed for conversation to be part of the workshop toolkit but it also quickly and purposefully located the centrality of making as a way of thinking through things. We want to use a gallery space to further explore these ideas, to engage the viewer Ė if a gallery is a space for thinking about objects is the finished object enough of a thing to show? The fluidity of the process will be carried over into the gallery where exchange, joint-authorship and trust will
generate further iterations in an overlapping space of thinking, making and showing.

Intelligent Trouble will be giving a series of informal audience inclusive conversations while they make at the bench in the gallery. Each conversation will be prompted by a series of thinking points that the artists have been developing during the project.

Saturday 20th Feb 2010 2pm
Tea and Talk - what does all the talking do?
Where did this conversation start and where might it lead? What is the importance of dialogue in the making process?

Wednesday 3rd March 4pm
Beyond the object - the overlapping processes of making.
In the world of making is the finished product or object given a more privileged position than the process of thinking and making?

Saturday 6th March 3pm
Speed, 6 days and 20 years.

Trust and risk, authorship and ownership.

Wednesday 10th March 4pm
Changing places.
What does a change of space or place bring into the making process? How can you understand another makerís working process Ė through an intuitive or calculated approach?

Wednesday 17th March 6.30pm
Knowns and unknowns.

Where does a project start and end? In a society that wants to know what it is going to get before it has happened - how can we find ways to realise projects where at the beginning we donít know what an end point looks like? 



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