Drawing with Objects brings together six critically acclaimed UK makers working in the fields of textiles, jewellery, ceramics and lettercarving. The exhibition has been conceived as a way of exploring, in tangible form, the relationships between drawing and making as different, but equally vital, forms of embodied thinking: ‘the visible signs of a human mind in full and continuous control’. (1)

Drawing, in this context, has been broadly defined as thoughtfully making a mark on a surface. The show will include works on paper – life drawing by Jacqueline Mina; gouaches by Gordon Baldwin; drawn letterforms by Richard Kindersley – but also focuses on mark making in a wider sense. The dynamic brushwork on Felicity Aylieff’s porcelain forms is explored alongside the integrated ‘lazy lines’ of Stella Benjamins’ rugs, woven in the Navajo tradition. Susan Cross includes a group of working models where lines of thread are improvised into structure to consider new ideas for jewellery forms.

Drawing with Objects will include a number of works created specifically for the show. The exhibition contains a rich variety of things, in many materials, linked through a profound individual engagement with drawing and making, creating objects which repay the close attention of looking. Many thanks are due to each of the six for engaging with this project, in their busy lives. It takes courage, tenacity, commitment and much clarity of thought to both acquire skill and then to consider, and to keep considering, why and how to use it, whether one is a maker of poems, symphonies, paintings or jewellery.
Drawing with Objects celebrates that fact.

(1) Peter Collingwood Review in Journal for Weavers, Spinners and Dyers, 2009

Amanda Game, 2010



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