Domestic Contemporaries
22.01.10 - 13.02.10

Some of the artists will be in the gallery for an informal discussion on Thursday 21st January

Artists Participating:
Sheldon Cooney
Jane Cox
John Creed
Chris Keenan
Sun Kim
John Leach
Sian Matthews
Nick Membery
Lindean Mill
Simon Moore
Michael Ruh
Suleyman Saba
Rupert Spira
James and Tilla Waters
Majolica Works

Rajesh Gogna - silver
Laura Birdsall - glass

This exhibition focuses on the functional aspects of tableware within Ceramics,
Glass and Silver. These makers have all chosen to focus on aspects of domestic
ware within their practices. Many, in addition to the repetition of making functional ware, are also known for their one off works and we see elements of this coming through in some of the pieces they have made for the show. Handmade contemporary tableware is still very much alive in Britain today, with studios all over the country still focusing on the functional be it hand thrown, blown, or cast. The sense of collecting objects that we personally relate to and engage with is still important to us as individuals. We all have a favourite mug we prefer to drink from, a bowl or dish we use as a centre piece. The interaction we have with these objects, both physically and visually, is what makes us select them. It could be the pattern, the weight, the texture, the durability of the piece. Often a combination of all of these gives us satisfaction every time we use it. Collecting tableware is a notion handed down from generations; todayís society is no different. This colourful exhibition presents some of the most renowned names in the applied arts today along with younger makers, the thread of passion to make functional objects running through the practice of each, be it for everyday use or for special occasions is an individualís prerogative. All of the pieces in the exhibition are available individually or in sets to commission.



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