Zoe Arnold

Zoe Arnold’s individual award winning jewellery and artifacts have been shown in many prestigious exhibitions including those at Sotheby’s and the V&A. This year’s installation for COLLECT, ‘A Cautious Mind’ takes its inspiration from the artist’s emotions and is based on her poem ‘Emotional’.

Through the use of subtle colour and form, Arnold’s works question the thinker’s mind and the emotions found there, in a personal yet accessible way. A Memory Necklace, with its richly clustered pendants and hoarded possessions, is a modern take on the charm, while more sculptural pieces can be displayed on the wall when not being worn. Zoe Arnold’s works are always individual and unique, combining delicacy with a depth and complex richness which leads to a diverse and stimulating range of work. Precious metals, or collected curios are carved, pierced and worked into wearable artworks each one telling a different story. The variety of techniques and materials used only adds to the intensity of her collections.


To forgive the sins of the mind
Those fickle and turning muses.
Shall I?

Tumbling in a soliloquy
Of sickened inspirations,
Chased up a moment to the light
To be ironed with quiet pity.

To forget, that last and honest
Thought, so bright, so quickly.
Shall I?

A cautious mind, repentant,

Is surely to be trusted more,
Not the quick and rueful cloud
Of Rage, that bold destroyer.

To not repent an open mind,
But strive against the closing.
Shall I?

A quiet mind, forgiving,
Is surely to be hungered for.
Forget the jubilance of the crashing
Wave of woe yet overcome.

When all lost is suddenly obtained
And every grey and worthless
Thing sprung anew and a thousand
Uses found.

Shall I be reticent in this? 
Without emotion.
Shall I?

Born  1981

  BA (Hons), Jewellery Design, Central Saint Martins College of Art and
Design. First.
1999-00  Diploma in Foundation Studies in Art and Design, Central Saint Martins.

Work Experience
  ‘Junior Modeller’ at Leavesden Studios, Prop Manufacturing, Harry
Potter Tour.
2003-2007  Assistant designer/maker to Barbara Christie, Jeweller.
2000  Assistant. Kirsten Burke, Contemporary Calligraphy.
1996.  Work placement at J Walter Thompson, Advertising Agency.

  COLLECT, Saatchi Gallery, London.
Jacqueline’s choice, Hampstead, London
2008  Myths and Legends, Contemporary Applied Arts, London.
Goldsmiths’ Fair, Goldsmiths’ Hall, London
COLLECT, V&A. London
2007  London Rocks, Sotheby’s. London.
Goldsmiths’ Fair, Goldsmiths Hall. London
Rising Stars, Goldsmiths Hall. London
Jacqueline’s choice, Hampstead
2006  Design Collection, Roger Billcliffe Gallery, Scotland.
Goldsmiths’ Fair, London.
2005  English Eccentrics, The Beetroot Tree, Derbyshire.
2004  Direction 2004, the Lethaby Gallery, London.
2003  ‘New Designers’ Business Design Centre. London
‘27 Degrees’ degree exhibition, Lethaby Gallery.   London.
2001  British Arts Medal Society, FIDEM Touring Exhibition, UK and Europe.
Direction 2001, the Lethaby Gallery, London.
2000  Foundation 2000 Exhibition. Central Saint Martins, London.

2007  Best New Merchandise, First prize, Goldsmith’s Fair.
2006  Best New Designs, second prize, Goldsmiths’ fair.
2002  Links of London, Quirky Silver Product to reflect the company’s British status, First Prize.
Scholarship Awards 2002, Queen’s Award, Highly Commended.
2001  British Arts Medal Society. Fifth prize.
1999  The young at Art Book Award. First prize.
1997-99  Sir John Cass Arkwright Scholarship (Technology).




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