Think Tank takes on 'Skill'

Edmund de Waal will be in the gallery
on Thursday 19th between 1-2pm
to discuss the exhibition.

   about think tank’s exhibition concept

This is an unusual  display of objects. They have been chosen by the members of Think Tank, as a part of our ongoing discussion on different aspects of craft and the contemporary applied arts. Every year we meet in the city of Gmunden (Austria), to give papers and discuss around a certain theme that changes from year to year. With us, we bring two objects, more or less in the size of a hand luggage, or even a trouser pocket. With their indispensable presence, these objects function as extensions of our thoughts, keep our debate focused and later on allow us to communicate with the public. This ongoing, ’incidental’ collection of objects speaks of different working conditions, ways of thinking, concepts, materials and cultural positions.

The objects made by rellevant makers / designers / artists are accompained by short texts that can be read in the exhibition. Objects, texts  and papers are published in the catalogue that accompains the exhibition. As it travels to several venues in Europe, the exhibition is displayed in widely different settings. This fact adds unexpected perspectives to an exhibition that we “do not control anymore”and therefore it is able to adopt new identitites that mirror the situation of craft and applied arts in Europe.

In 2008, the theme of our activities is ”Skill”. Skill is one of the features that traditionally has an almost naturalized relation to craft practice. By choosing skill as our theme, the aim is to investigate how this relation can be seen currently. What means ”skill” in contemporary practice?

Artists in exhibition:

Jurgen Bey /Makkum (design, NL)
Ursula Guttmann (visual artist, A)
Helmuth Gsöllpointner (design, A)
Dorothea Prühl (jewellery, DE)
Tore Svensson (silversmith, S)
Lisa Walker (jewellery, DE)
Irene Nordli (ceramics, N)
Kari Dyrdal (textiles, S)
Gésine Hackenberg (jewellery, NL)
Arc International Company (design, F)
Unknown  Craftsman/Woman (handicrafts, Ecuador)

Ineke Heerkens (jewellery, NL)
Freddie Robins (textiles, UK)
Pontus Lindvall (design-craft, S)
Jean Nicola Gérard (ceramics, F)



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