‘The Revivalists’ curated by Max Fraser

Based Upon
Mark Bickers
Lee Broom
David Clarke
Robert Dawson
Tom Dixon
Olivier Droillard
Simon Hasan
Kathleen Hills
Sarah Kay
Helen Amy Murray
Gareth Neal
Adam Rowe
Hans Stofer
Sam Sweet
Lucian Taylor

Max Fraser will be in the gallery with some of the artists for an informal discussion on Thursday 3rd September 1-2pm.

'A designer’s professional existence is based on the introduction of new things, many creatives struggle with the notion of constant newness, others with the sterility of mass-production, whilst others mourn the loss of traditional craftsmanship. The homogenous catalogue-look - devoid of personality or individuality - is the last thing on the minds of many designers who are searching to produce designs that connect more emotionally to the consumer, often with nostalgic references to yesteryear.
Indeed, a wave of designers are reassessing their roles and are looking to re-appropriate the forgotten or overlooked; reinvigorate a genre from an earlier era; refresh a style, material, technique, or approach that is no longer in vogue; or reference heritage, locality, and provenance. These designers are The Revivalists and they signify a refreshing reminder that traces of our cultural evolution shouldn’t, and needn’t, be wiped out by society’s overwriting quest for the new.'

This is an extract from the Design Tribes editorial feature, published in the first edition of LONDON DESIGN GUIDE. The feature aims to place some definition around the various groupings of designers that share similar philosophies or approaches to their work. In total, there are five design tribes, of which one - The Revivalists - is being physically interpreted in this exhibition at CAA.
The exhibition includes a mix of CAA members and external designers.

This is a unique opportunity to purchase signed copies of the LONDON DESIGN GUIDE - hot of the press.

Focuses in the lower gallery:
Deborah Fladgate – glass
Katy Hackney – jewellery
James Maclachlan – glass
Vicky Shaw – ceramics
Rupert Spira – ceramics
Katie Walker – furniture
Deirdre Wood – textiles



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