Makers in Exhibition:
Chien-Wei Chang
Sarah Denny
Tithi Kutchamuch
Drummond Masterton
Grant McCaig
Peter Musson
Max Warren

Amanda Game will
be in the gallery with
some of the artists for
an informal discussion
on Thusday 7th May

Silvermaker brings together 7 UK makers, all of whom have graduated in the past ten years. Each exhibitor is at the beginning of their journey with the art of silversmithing, yet each already shows imaginative and skilful understanding of a material which has a broad and deep connection to the history of domestic objects in Britain. Exhibited works draw on this domestic tradition in scale; in function and in context whilst simultaneously offering a fresh and enquiring approach in to how silver objects can be both made and enjoyed in the 21st century. Some makers explore the tools of our age the computer and the milling machine whilst others are drawn more to the timeless tools of hand and hammer; to create their forms and images. Sources of inspiration are also expressed from far beyond the domestic environment the richness of our physical landscapes, both urban and rural; newspaper photography; fast food; the human body; found objects. It is exciting for us, the viewer, to share this early stage journey for these talented makers and share, through their skill, the excitement that the material still offers in our contemporary world.

Curated by Amanda Game

Focus Makers Downstairs
Jane Adam - Jewellery
Alice Kettle - Textiles
Stephen Gillies and Kate Jones - Glass
Wendy Ramshaw and David Watkins - Jewellery



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