Talis Zeal by Jennie Moncur, Photo: Jennie Moncur

This year CAA is hosting a Christmas selling exhibition that focuses on unlocking the mysteries of gift-giving. Why do we enjoy giving? What makes the ‘perfect’ present? How do we decide on gifts for family and friends? These questions and more will be answered in this exhibition featuring some of the UKs most celebrated designers and makers working in glass, metal, ceramics and textiles. In addition, top designers and taste makers, including design author Max Fraser, curator/journalist Janice Blackburn and celebrity florist Paula Pryke will reveal their own Christmas wish lists. A stunning new lighting installation by the innovative glassmaker Mark Bickers will be the dramatic backdrop to this inspirational exhibition. CAA is still one of London’s best kept secrets for beautiful Christmas gifts - choose from a wide range of one-off pieces that
will thrill, delight and crucially, stand the test of time.

From top left: Ruth Tomlinson, Eleanor Pritchard, Lindsey Mann,
Merete Rasmussen, Mark Bickers and Suzanne Potter.



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