Think Tank 'Gift'

Nina Bondeson
Kim Buck
David Clarke
Canan Dagdelen
Bettina Dittlman & Michael Jank
Gemma Draper
Marianne Eggiman
Thea Grastrup-Hansen
Christin Johansson
Ted Noten
Robert Mittringer
Karin Seufert
Paul Scott
Monika Stuasser
Clare Twomey
Christoph Zellweger


Above: 'Oh La La' 2007 David Clarke
Photo: David Clarke

10th January - 2nd February 2008  

Think Tank is a group of nine european writers engaged with the applied arts from Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Spain, the Netherlands and the UK. We meet twice a year to discuss a theme and present an exhibition. For our fourth year the theme was 'Gift'. This exhibition presents sixteen artists who explore this in a variety of media and with a panoply of approaches. The gift connects people. It can be benevolent, a site of reciprocity or a place of dissonance. Gift looks at the 'gift' of the readymade, the place of the commodity in the applied arts, and the social sit of practice.


Date: Wednesday 23rd January
Time:  12.30 – 1.30
• Edmund de Waal
• Clare Twomey

Date: Thursday 24th January
Time:  12.30 – 1.30
• Edmund de Waal
• Other speakers TBC

Date: Friday 25th January
Time:  12.30 – 1.30
• Tanya Harrod
• Gabi Dewald
• Louise Mazanti
• Jorunn Veiteberg

Date: Saturday 26th January
Time:  12.30 – 1.30
• Love Jonsson
• Liesbeth den Besten
• Peter Assmann
• Monica Gaspar

Felicity Aylieff - Ceramics
Malcolm Betts - Jewellery
Brian Blanthorn - Glass
Dawn Dupree - Textiles
Sara McDonald - Glass
Julian Stair - Ceramics
Simone ten Hompel - Metal



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