Tea's Up


Exhibition Dates: 5th September to 17th October 2008.

Meet the Artists in the gallery from 1pm - 2pm Thursday 4th September.

Lin Cheung
David Clarke
Robert Dawson
Kate McBride
Cathy Miles
Bill Phipps
Colin Saunders
Paul Scott
Hans Stofer
Sam Sweet
Simone ten Hompel
Suzanne Wall


Tea's Up is an eclectic mix; a riot of ceramic, metal and glass that naturally sit together to grace the table. The overwhelming effect provides a sense of both the domestic and theatric.

The 12 makers in this exhibition present playful, fresh attitudes and creative questioning which underpins each distinctive and occassionally eccentric bodies of work.

Afternoon tea is a classic British tradition. Once the preserve of old ladies offering to be 'mother,' whilst others nibble dainty cucumber sandwiches, there is now something distinctly zeitgeisty, subversive, even a little 'hip' about taking tea.

It's a perfect way to quell the inevitable hunger pangs between lunch and dinner. It allows you a moment in the day to stop, put your troubles to right over a shared pot of tea and partake in a guilty sweet pleasure or two.

Tea's Up explores this delicious tradition and delivers a mouth-watering visual spectacle, a celebration of abundance and opulence to mark the 60th Birthday of Contemporary Applied Arts.

And remember...

''never trust a man who, when left alone in a room with a tea cosy, doesn't try it on!''

Billy Connolly 

David Clarke



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