Myths and Legends

The cultural universality of mythology and storytelling provides the inspiration for this third exhibition in the 60th anniversary year of Contemporary Applied Arts.
Zoe Arnold’s intriguing wearable objects, constructed from a mix of found and precious materials, derive from her poetry which is inspired by an imaginative engagement with a range of stories, to create treasures imbued with dark and whimsical narrative.
Natasha Kerr has also tapped into her own imagination, creating elaborate contemporary legends around fictional characters based on found photographs, which inform the rich multilayered quality of her printed textiles.
David Reekie treads a fine line between comedy and tragedy in his groups of cast glass characters, exploring the complexity within contemporary society and reflecting his interest in the symbolic potential of narrative.
The rich vein of religious stories in Claire Curneen‘s Catholic background provide her with a wealth of inspiration around the themes of martyrdom and solace to create ceramic figures that are both vulnerable yet filled with spiritual strength, while Catrin Howell digs directly into her Welsh culture to explore, through her dynamic and powerful ceramic sculptures, the symbolic roles played by animals in mythology.
Christie Brown’s hybrid sculptures also make reference to the symbolic potential of the natural world, as the human figures begin to sprout animal features, referencing a range of mythical creatures that engage with metamorphoses and transformation.
Mythology challenges our perception of the world and the stories behind these fascinating works both capture the imagination and provide new insights into human nature.

Helen Beard - Ceramics
Tina Engell - Jewellery

International Showcase
Christy Keeney - Figurative ceramics




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