With an exciting twist, Diamonds is the second of the 60th anniversary exhibitions at Contemporary Applied Arts. While one might be more familiar with damonds being used in jewellery, CAA has invited artists working in glass, metals and precious stones to present work inspired by 'diamonds'.
Ten artists will exhibit work that deals with the many aspects expected of a 'diamond': carat, clarity, colour and cut but each with a very personal interpretation.
By casting glass, Sally Fawkes and Bruno Romanelli can emphasise and explore scale and create solid yet transparent form. They cut, engrave and polish the surface of the material, establising facets that reflect, distort and reveal unexpected, exciting vistas. Chien Wei Chang and Ane Christensen cut, score and fold metal to produce hollow forms that explore scale, reflection and movement. Bryan Illsley, Daphne Krinos, Ben Lignel, Jacqueline Mina, Wendy Ramshaw and Mah Rana push incredibility even further: from stunning linear wire contructions that imitate various facet designs, through to unfamiliar rough cut diamond beads; all connected to Diamonds, but with no immediate similarities.

Felicity Aylieff - Ceramics
Malcolm Betts - Jewellery
Brian Blanthorn - Glass
Dawn Dupree - Textiles
Sara McDonald - Glass
Julian Stair - Ceramics
Simone Ten Hompel - Metal



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