Contemporary Applied Arts

As the London-based applied arts gallery we have chosen willow; a material that brings immediate images to oneís mind, though nearly always in the context of a rural environment, this material is used by rural and urban artists to create functional and non-functional forms. The six artists in this exhibition demonstrate their vision of the material.

Dail Behennahís intersecting circles create movement within architectural grid-like structures.

Susie Thomson captures movement within the form by her use of weave and colour.

Lizzie Farey pushes the boundaries of scale, creating large sphere like structures that hold a powerful sense of energy.

Jenny Crisp takes a methodical approach, to create beautiful functional structures that are technically outstanding.

Caroline Sharp creates diversity in form texture and colour, inspired by natureís pods and seeds.

Sarah Pankís work embraces the relationship between the environment she works in and the habitat of the materials she works with embodying materials both physically and non physical.

From the growing, cutting, drying, bending through to the manipulation, objects are formed. By incorporating traditional techniques executed in a contemporary context, it challenges preconceptions of the rural urban myth.



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