Sigurd Bronger
Balloon Brooch, 2001
Rubber, chrome-plated brass, h 27cm

Curated by Think Tank

5 February – 24 February 2007

Informal lunchtime tours/talks of the exhibition at the gallery:

Wednesday 7th February
12.30 to 1.30pm
Tanya Harrod • Love Jonsson • Edmund de Waal

Thursday 8th February
12.30 to 1.30pm
Peter Assman • Gabi Dewald • Anders Ruhwald • Hans Stofe •
Jorunn Veiteberg

Friday 9th February
12.30 to 1.30pm
Liesbeth den Besten • Monica Gaspar • Louise Mazanti • Camilla Prasch


Featured artists

Use the links below to view detailed information on each artist:

Agnesmaria • Franz Josef Altenburg • Clement Kofi Athey  • Aldo Bakker • Sigurd Brongur • Lydia Burak • Marek Cecula • Curro Claret • Svenja John • Lagombra (Anders Jakobsen) • Emma Linde • Carol McNicoll • Itxaso Mezzacasa • Susanne Petzold • Camilla Prasch • Jakob Robertsson • Anders Ruhwald • Marijke Schurink • Hans Stofer


This is an exhibition about place. It includes ninteen objects and traces of objects made from a diverse range of materials. They were chosen by the members of Think Tank: A European Iniative for the Applied Arts: we feel that they have some relationship to the theme of our thirs annual meeting " Place(s)".

The objects shown here reflect many of the themes that Think Tank are questioning: the place of intimacy; the idea of the model as a precarious and vulnerable embodiment of place; issues of homesickness, where home can be a material and a way of doing something; the private nature of applied arts and the way objects can replace human relationships; the meaning of place as a site where people live and where design and applied art improves the urban environment; cases of altered, transformed, questioned places for the exhibition of objects, where both artists and curators take part in the re-location of their works; a place for craft history alongside design history and art history ; the practice of crafts as something that is asking to be re-created and interacted with; craft objects in their semi-autonomous position of being both artistic and  related to the world of material culture and craft as criticism of the homogenisation of productions in a consumer society saturated with styling.

This is an exhibition of the wonderful, beautiful, funny, melancholic and perverse ways in which objects connect with us in our varied places(s).



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