Outside Inside

Garden Piece: Colin Reid
Photo: Colin Reid

Outside Inside is an exhibition created to inspire and demonstrate how easy it can be to incorporate unique pieces into some of the outdoor spaces we love most.
The outside space we have is for many as important as the inside space we live in. This space large or small can be an opportunity to interact with nature and be creative. Be it a large expanse, a roof garden or a park we run in there is always a place people go and relate too in their individual way.
Mother nature has always been one of the most inspirational sources to artists all over the world providing endless ideas in form, colour and texture. Some of the most talented applied artists have spent their lives abstracting information to create both functional and non-functional work. Sculpture parks are increasingly popular creating focus points as they take you on a journey.
In this exhibition Felicity Aylieff, Frances Brennan, Ane Christensen, Alison Crowther, Sally Fawkes, David Gates and Colin Reid have all responded in diverse ways using ceramics, glass, metal & wood creating dynamic forms & wall pieces for the garden.

Special thanks goes to Steve Tsang Garden Design & Construction for the installation and design of this garden. For enquiries on garden design projects please go to: www.stoneforest.co.uk Tel: 020 8930 3134.


Some of the artists will be in the gallery on Thursday 19 July 1pm 2pm

Fiona Thompson Ceramics
Jeanette Appleton Textiles



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