Neil Brownsword


Since graduating from the Royal College of Art, Neil has assisted the late sculptor, Sir Eduardo Paolozzi, and has completed prestigious artist in residence periods in Denmark, and at the European Ceramic Work Centre in Holland. His ceramic installations offer a socio-political commentary upon recent changes that have affected production within the heritage of the North Staffordshire pottery industry.
Intimate connections with the cultural, social and visual heritage of the North Staffordshire ceramics industry, remain key to a continual use of clay as a primary means of creative expression. Recent installations make direct reference to the physical and social outcome of the decline of British ceramic manufacture. The appropriation of by-product structures salvaged from the factory production line, were an attempt to reference the identity, knowledge and actions implicit in a variety of anonymous labour. The lowly hierarchical status of these remnants were embraced to critically reflect the fragmentation and apparent disregard of a cultural heritage fast becoming a relic in post-industrial Britain

Born 1970. Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire

19891990 BTEC National Diploma, G. A. D. (Distinction). Newcastle-U-Lyme College, Staffordshire.
19901993 BA (Hons) Ceramics. First Class, with Historical & Theoretical Studies commendation. University of Wales, Cardiff.
19931995 M.A. Ceramics and Glass. Royal College of Art, London.
19992006 Practice-led PhD, Brunel University, London.

2003 Nominated for an Arts Foundation Fellowship.
2004 Arts Council West Midlands. Grants for Individuals Award
2006 Arts Council West Midlands. Grants for Individuals Award

Recent Exhibitions
2005  XXX, Santa Fe Clay, New Mexico.
Collaging History, Potteries Museum, Stoke-on-Trent
Collaging History, Blas & Knada, Stockholm (solo).
2005/2006 Languages, Galerie 422, Gmunden/Austria (touring).
2006 Clay In Dus Try, International Ceramic Research Centre, Denmark.
20 + 1 Years of the Tozan Kilns, Northern Arizona University Art Museum.
Who Let The Donkey In? Potteries Museum, Stoke-on-Trent.
2007 Neil Brownsword and Karen Hasboe, , International
Ceramic Research Centre, Denmark.
V & A I50Th Anniversary , selected artist.

Public Collections
1997 Crafts Council.
2001 International Ceramic Centre, Skaelskor, Denmark.
2002 Victoria And Albert Museum, London.
2004 Ceramic Research Centre, Arizona State University
2005 Potteries Museum, Stoke-on-Trent, Contemporary Art Society Purchase.
2006 International Ceramic Research Centre, Denmark.
2007 V&A 150th Anniversary, artists book





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