Hue Line & Form - Part One


As both champions and collectors of applied arts, we relished the opportunity to select 59 artists from the vast and respected Contemporary Applied Arts membership and present them within the context of current global interior trends: the re-emergence of colour, decorative patterns and sculptural materialism.
The overall concept is that Hue will be about colour, Line about graphic influence, and form will be as much about shape as it is the material.
In Part 1, Hue will be illustrated by pure, concentrated colours, while Line will be monochromatic, with graphic over tones. Form will celebrate the use of material in a pure and sculptural way. In Part 2, Hue focuses on pale and tertiary colours, while Line will move to a more ebullient where the graphic line has a colour fill. Form will remain sculptural and monolithic, but the surface will bear the marks of making.
This exhibition also aims to focus on an important moment of exchange: when a purchased object is removed from the gallery, unwrapped and placed in the home.
So often the norm is to show contemporary applied arts in a 'white cube' space. Once acquired, these objects move into the private, eclectic and coloured domestic environment. As curators, we have grouped various objects from a variety of media, on and around furniture, or placed on heights that refer to tables, cabinets and ledges, aiming to reflect the mix that occurs in our homes, changing the gallery from a 'white' formality to one of a more relaxed interior space.
Hue Line & Form, curated be Brian Kennedy and Peter Ting of briing, a team that consults, curates and creates within the design, fine and applied art sectors.

Brian Kennedy and Peter Ting

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