White For Weddings

White for Weddings

5 March to 17 April 2004

Celebrating Weddings

Participating makers:
Emma Gale
Sue Hartree
Mica Hirosawa
Catherine Hough
Bryan Illsley
Sophie Lowe
Janice Marr
Lindean Mill
Sue Paraskeva
Michael Ruh
Sasha Wardell
Kate Wilkinson

The white wedding is the dream of every romantic bride. No other rite of passage or celebration can be so clearly conjured up by a colour alone.

In the vocabulary of weddings white still reigns supreme. But the bride of the twenty-first century interprets white in a new and exciting way. Ever the individualist she can choose to wear white as she chooses, creating her own personal concept.

White stands for newness, a beginning. White gold set with white diamonds or milky white pearls sets the seal on the proposal; jewellery updated in white Perspex and rock crystal from Emma Gale, is re-invented by Bryan Illsley who brings his timeless vision to silver and gold and semi-precious stones; Kate Wilkinson's delicate feather and crystal necklaces are a perfect foil.

White fabrics are the ultimate flatterers. Sue Hartree weaves silk and fine textiles with details delicate enough for any bride. Mica Hirosawa weaves cashmere and fine wool into scarves and shawls while Janice Marr's expressive stitched drawings are as fragile as her ice works.

And for gifts, she chooses white for objects to cherish in her home: milky white glasses by Lindean Mill; the simple cut and polished glass forms of Catherine Hough, timeless abstract; or a cascading glass chandelier from Michael Ruh revealing the transient structure of movement and light.

White ceramic is a joy to give and receive. Sophie Lowe makes the finest bowls, glazed only on the inside, finely banded to contrast tone and surface. Beach landscapes inspire Sue Paraskeva for delicate porcelain vessels, eggshell fine; Sasha Wardell's Water Erosion pieces subtly catch the light.

These are precious heirlooms, created today to treasure tomorrow: the perfect present for the future. Inspired by the exhibition Veevers Carter has produced imaginative flowers, scented for lasting memories.

Sandy Bowler 2004

Sponsored by Veevers Carter Flowers



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