Windows onto Making

Part 1: 13 September – 6 October 
Part 2: 11 October - 3 November

Featuring work by many of our maker members, Windows onto Making will be a dynamic and multi-disciplinary display which will focus on extremes of process and illustrate the myriad of ways in which a single material can be treated to achieve completely different outcomes. CAA kicks off the celebrations for its 70th anniversary year with this dazzling display of fine craft. The showcase will feature work by many of the gallery’s maker members who hail from around the globe but are all based in the UK and masterfully craft unique contemporary objects in ceramics, glass, furniture, jewellery, metal, paper, textiles and wood.

This special display celebrating Contemporary Applied Arts' 70th anniversary continues with a different set of makers and objects in part 2.

Part 1: Glass, Ceramics & Paper

Colin Reid ‘Pruning the Bramley’, cast glass

Jonathan Wade ‘Dark Twisting Textured Vessel’, thrown and handbuilt porcelain

Julie Arkell papier mâché figures

Liam Reeves ‘Render’, blown glass. Photo: Ester Segerra

Jill Shaddock ‘Slash Cut Vases’, slipcast porcelain

Anne Finlay corrugated paper brooch

Part 2: Textiles, Metal & Wood

Zoë Hillyard ‘Katharina's Bowl’, stitched silk and ceramic

Rajesh Gogna ‘Handheld Vessel’, powder coated brass. Photo: Nigel Essex

Malcolm Martin & Gaynor Dowling ‘Vielle Ville II, ochre’, carved and painted wood

Nao Fukumoto hand dyed and woven scarf

Claire Malet ‘Green Meadow Vessel’, forged steel and gold leaf

Angus Ross ‘Unstable Stool’, steambent Scottish ash



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