Echoes of Process

Metal by Adi Toch

2 May - 9 June 2018
Part of London Craft Week, 9-13 May 2018

'Precious Disposables', vinyl gloves, brass, copper, silver. Photo: Nicola Tree

Echoes of Process looks closely at the intriguing material aspects and remnants of making rarely seen by the public. This is an unusual and thought-provoking exhibition of work by metalsmith Adi Toch, the idea for which was developed in discussions with CAA about the surprising by-products which often result from the making of Toch’s highly-finished vessels. An engaging masterclass will further explore themes from the display and key aspects of her practice (part of London Craft Week, details below).

Echoes of Process invites reflection on the often-overlooked or discarded traces of the making process. Aspects of actions are carefully recorded through a collection of reconsidered fragments, containing remnants of objects or materials. Vinyl gloves covered with brass dust are evocative of the subtle surface treatment and the action of subtraction, while binding wire silhouettes used for holding parts together when soldering create an installation of the ghosts of vessels. The story of making in metal is told through what is left behind. 

'Ghosts', steel binding wire, gold. Photo: Nicola Tree

These ruminations from Toch provide a rare insight into the delicate processes of metalsmithing, the manifold outcomes of which are often a surprise even to the artist. Unplanned offcuts become genuine one-off pieces in their own right, whereas imperfections in the finished works contribute to their allure. 

Embracing themes of time, contemplation and quiet, Echoes of Process will illustrate Toch's interest in the role of memory, which is both held in the materials themselves as a result of making as well as in the artist's recollection of the making process. Reminders of artworks, which have long since left the artist’s studio, most often moving to a new owner and home, will invite contemplation. The absence of the finished piece creates a new space, allowing the things that are usually left behind in the journey toward a finished piece to take centre stage, revealing their innate appeal and the quiet mindfulness of the metalsmith’s practice.

Echoes of Process will also include a soundscape, which has been specially recorded to accompany the exhibition.

Special Events:

Morning Preview

Wednesday 2 May, 10.30am – 12noon

This special preview and meet-and-greet will give guests the opportunity for a quiet conversation with Adi Toch about her work ahead of London Craft Week and to be among the first to see her thought provoking and beautiful show, Echoes of Process. Light refreshments will be served.

Please RSVP by email or phone 020 7620 0086

Masterclass with Adi Toch

Saturday 12 May, 11am-1pm

The artist will share thoughts on her practice, with special attention given to issues around inherent and acquired value of crafted objects, and discuss these with the group.

Tickets are £15 including coffee/tea. Booking is essential and places are strictly limited. Contact the gallery on 020 7620 0086 or to book.

Edges, silver, brass, gilding metal, copper. Photo: Uriel Cohen

‘Echoes of Process – Metal by Adi Toch’, installation photos by Matthew Ashford

London Craft Week 9-13 May 2018
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