The Saatchi Gallery
2 6 February 2017

Exploring the aleatoric - risk, chance and the unexpected in making

Aleatory: Relating to or denoting music or other forms of art involving elements of random choice, during their composition, production or performance.

The aleatoric, characterized by indeterminate elements, can be a galvanising idea in the act of creation. We have selected a group of our member makers who are conscious of aleatory and its potential power. Their work includes to a greater or lesser degree an element of random choice and even risk. They are excited by the prospect of an unexpected outcome, a surprise.

Confident in their skill and knowledge of their chosen materials and in their artistic vision, these makers incorporate elements of chance at some stage of creation. Although each individual approaches this in his or her own way, there is a commonality in this body of work: these objects are lively, vibrant and share a quality of freshness.

Come and see us at the international art fair for contemporary objects, presented by the Crafts Council. This year, CAA will be presenting:

Vicki Ambery-Smith - metal, Fred Baier - furniture, Zo Hillyard - textiles, Gabriele Koch - ceramics, Jacqueline Mina - jewellery, Sue Paraskeva - ceramics, Liam Reeves - glass, Adi Toch - metal (COLLECT Spotlight) and Rita Parniczky - textiles (COLLECT Spotlight, in collaboration with Joanna Bird Contemporary Collections)


For more information on CAA at COLLECT 2017:

Click here for CAA Collect card
Click here for Adi Toch Spotlight card
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Collect: The International Art Fair for Contemporary Objects

During an extended run of five days, the Crafts Council presents an unrivalled opportunity to see and buy contemporary museum-quality ceramics, glass, jewellery, wood, metal and textiles from established and emerging artists and makers represented by over 30 of the worlds finest galleries. Click here to book tickets.

The CAA stand at COLLECT 2017

COLLECT Spotlight
Receptive Vessels by Adi Toch

COLLECT Spotlight
Clearing by Rita Parniczky



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