Porcelain and Paper

Sue Paraskeva in collaboration with
Joanne Hummel-Newell

29 April 21 May 2016

CAA member Sue Paraskeva specialises in finely thrown, reduction fired porcelain tableware which is elegant and refined. She also makes dramatically altered one-off pieces and installations where she is interested in filling spaces with multiple pieces of porcelain.

Joanne Hummel-Newell is an artist who seeks out the neglected and overlooked, the anonymous and ubiquitous ephemera we meet and part company with on a daily basis. 

For this exhibition Sue and Joanne collaborate to create Porcelain and Paper. Using the concept of collections as a starting point, this series of works sets out to explore the interchangeable relationship of two such materials and questions their ongoing love affair with keepsakes.

Join us during London Craft Week when Sue Paraskeva performs Smashing. Freshly turned porcelain vessels are altered dramatically by smashing the originals, creating a new exciting piece.

Thrown and altered porcelain, Waterford Saunders paper and indian ink

'A1 White' hand rolled porcelain, Waterford Saunders paper and indian ink on ply

'Porcelain and Paper' on display in the gallery



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