Rita Parniczky:

Weaving with Light

Perrier-JouŽt Arts Salon Prize Winner 2016

24 June Ė 30 July 2016

For her first solo presentation, Weaving with Light, Rita Parniczky will introduce us to her extraordinary woven textiles that are displayed as hanging screens as well as framed and sculptural works.

Parniczky is known for her intriguing textile creations, each one uniquely hand woven on her Leclerc loom in her London studio. These innovative textiles glow and transform when exposed to natural or artificial light, according to the angle and source of illumination. Her work references patterns such as those found in the veins of leaves, insect wings, gothic architecture or an x-ray of a human skeleton. 

It was during Ritaís time at Londonís prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design that she first became interested in the structure of textiles. She developed her innovative weave technique experimenting with translucent resin thread, enabling her to reveal the entire vertical warp threads that are otherwise invisible in most woven textiles. She observes every warp thread as a line and manipulates the way each one runs and forms delicate patterns in her pieces.

Click here to watch a film about Rita.

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About the Perrier-JouŽt Champagne Arts Salon Prize

The prize was created by Perrier-JouŽt in 2013 in order to nurture and support emerging makers from the British craft sector whose art is a contemporary approach to Art Nouveau and its nature-inspired forms. Perrier-JouŽt has a rich history within the arts and is synonymous with Art Nouveau.  In 1902, the celebrated art nouveau artist Emile Galle was chosen to design the champagne houseís Belle Epoque bottle which is adorned with beautiful Japanese anemones. The exhibition will be curated by Arts Salon Member, Julia Royse.

For more information on Rita Parniczky and the Perrier-JouŽt Champagne Arts Salon Prize click here for press release.

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