Jewellery by Jo Pond

31 March Ė 26 April 2016

An exhibition of jewellery by Jo Pond where relics of everyday urban life have been transformed by the artistís process, creating new narratives for each piece while drawing from each objectís industrial heritage and unique past. Found objects such as buttons, coins, cans and keys are combined with precious metals and gem stones, playing with visual and conceptual notions around beauty and the mundane, social status, and hierarchical value or worth.

'Rowntree' brooch, repurposed steel tin, steel & citrine

'The commute', neckpiece (detail), repurposed steel tin and braces, silver

'Timepiece', neckpiece, silver, repurposed steel tin and watch strap, citrine

'Co. Ltd.', brooch, repurposed steel tin and leather, steel, silver

In.ti.mate on display at CAA



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