Jacqueline Mina

Jacqueline Mina sets herself technical challenges in the hope of discovering some new approach, solution or idea. Because goldsmithing is a slow craft, and she works on only one piece at a time using hand tools, Mina becomes engrossed in the process of producing what she hopes will turn out to be something special. Starting with more of a feeling than a concrete idea, she finds her way to a piece not by drawing but by initially experimenting directly in the metal, seeking a response in the way that the light falls on the surface or is reflected from the forms she begins to create.


  • 1942 Buckinghamshire


  • 1962-65 DesRCA, Royal College of Art
  • 1957-62 NDD, Hornsey College of Art & Crafts


  • 2012 OBE
  • 2000 Prizewinner, Jerwood Applied Arts
  • 1999 Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts
  • 1995 Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths
  • 1985 Freeman of the Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths
  • 1985 Freeman of the City of London
  • 1968 1st Prize De Beers Diamond Engagement Ring Competition

Selected Exhibitions

  • 2021 Bishopsland at Clothworkers’ Hall, London
  • 2021 Pinning Our Hopes, The Scottish Gallery, London
  • 2021 Winter Jewellery Showcase, Contemporary Applied Arts, London
  • 2021 The Golden Touch, The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh
  • 2021 Mastery. Women in Silver. Ruthin Craft Centre Gallery, Wales
  • 2021 Makers’ Eye, Crafts Council Gallery, London
  • 2019 Oxford Pioneers, Oxford Ceramics Gallery, Oxford
  • 2018 Collect, Saatchi Gallery, Bishopsland
  • 2018 Hand, Head, Heart. The Barn Museum, Chipping Campden, Oxfordshire
  • 2017 Collect, Saatchi Gallery, London with Contemporary Applied Arts and Bishopsland
  • 2017 Solo show, The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh
  • 2016 Out of this World, The Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh
  • 2015 Ringing the Changes, Victoria Sewart Contemporary Jewellery Gallery, Plymouth
  • 2015 Premio Mario Pinton exhibition, Oratorio di San Rocco, Padua, Italy
  • 2015 Modern Masters, Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh
  • 2015 A Sense of Jewellery, Goldsmiths' Centre, London
  • 2014 Out of Sight, Contemporary Applied Arts, London
  • 2014 30 Years in the Making, Lesley Craze Gallery, London
  • 2014 Masters of Modern Jewellery, Beetles & Huxley Gallery, London
  • 2011-12 Dialogues in Gold (Retrospective), Goldsmiths’ Hall, London
  • 2010 Touching Gold, touring solo exhibition, Contemporary Applied Arts London, Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh, Ruthin Crafts Centre, Wales
  • 2010 Drawing with Objects, Contemporary Applied Arts, London
  • 2006-08 Collect, V&A London, with the Scottish Gallery
  • 2005 L’Or, Bijoux d’Europe - Haut de Cagnes, Pézénas, and touring France
  • 2004 Collect, V&A London, with the Scottish Gallery
  • 2004 Orgold, Flow Gallery London & touring to Scottish Gallery, Edinburgh & Ruthin Craft Centre, Wales

Selected Publications

  • 2021 Mastery. Women in Silver, by Elizabeth Goring, Ruthin Craft Centre
  • 2021 Zoom, In Conversation – The Goldsmiths’ Centre
  • 2020 Film. Women and Jewellery, Jacqueline Mina, by Amanda Game
  • 2017 Jacqueline Mina at 75, The Scottish Gallery (Catalogue)
  • 2014 Gold, Crafts Council video, director Guy Gotto
  • 2012 Collect Contemporary Jewelry, Joanna Hardy, Thames & Hudson
  • 2011 Touching Gold, The Scottish Gallery
  • 2011 Jacqueline Mina - Dialogues in Gold, Amanda Game, The Goldsmiths’ Company
  • 2000 Private Passions, Radio 3, broadcast Nov 4th
  • 2000 Contemporary Silver, Rabinovitch & Clifford, Merrell
  • 1983 Twentieth Century British Jewellery 1900-1980, Peter Hinks, Faber & Faber
  • 1975 The World of the Makers, Edward Lucie-Smith, Paddington Press


  • The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths, London
  • Victoria & Albert Museum, London
  • Crafts Council, London
  • Royal Museum of Scotland, Edinburgh
  • Cooper-Hewitt Museum, New York, USA
  • Cleveland Contemporary Jewellery Collection, Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art
  • Museum of Art and Design New York, USA
  • Alice and Louis Koch Collection of Finger Rings, Zurich, Switzerland

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