Delfina Emmanuel

Delfina Emmanuel grew up surrounded by the traditions and perfumes of Sardinia, a land rich in marine life, with ancient customs that have survived the passage of time. Her current practice is informed by her native culture with its music and folk-costumes of luxuriant materials, adorned with precious jewels and her early education in classics, in particular the fairy tales and symbolisms found in Latin and Greek mythology. Emmanuel is particularly captivated by the gentle flowing of the living creatures found in the seabed: protruding coral structure tentacles, the huge variety of these porous sponges, the ways in which they take different shapes and the porosity and patterns of their surface.

Early research into the ornamental sculptures of the 15th-century Florentine Della Robbia family and, later, Karl Blossfeldt’s book ‘Art Forms in Nature’ and the work of goldsmith and jeweller Peter Carl Fabergé are her main influences. Her forms, although very important, have become the canvas for her ideas. Emmanuel hopes that the interpretation she has given to her artwork provokes a glorious escapism and thoughts of the ocean and its fragility.


  • 1949 Alghero, Italy


  • 2004-07 BA Hons Ceramics, University of Westminster, London
  • 2002-03 City & Guild Studies
  • 1974 Liceo Classico, Italy


  • 2011 Second Prize, Atelier 2 Ceramica, Cascais, Portugal

Selected Exhibitions

  • 2018 London Potters Ice House, Holland Park, London
  • 2018 Le Dame Art Gallery, London
  • 2017 Home from Home, Contemporary Applied Arts, London
  • 2017 Menier Gallery, London
  • 2017 Le Dame Art Gallery, London
  • 2017 Art Rooms Fair, Melia White House, London
  • 2016 Landscape : Islands, Guildhall Museum, Rochester
  • 2016 Nautilus, Madeinbritaly Art Gallery, London
  • 2016 Landscape : Islands, The Ceramic House, Brighton
  • 2015 Kaleidoscope, Contemporary Ceramics Centre, London
  • 2015 Oxford Ceramics Fair, Woodstock, Oxford
  • 2015 Ceramic Art London, The Royal College of Art, London
  • 2014 Oxford Ceramics Fair, Woodstock, Oxford
  • 2014 West Dean Design and Craft Fair, featuring Made, near Chichester
  • 2014 Beside The Sea, Bilston Craft Gallery, Wolverhampton
  • 2011 Plateaux Gallery at Thomas Goode & Co, London

Selected Publications

  • 2019 Ceramic Review, no. 298, July/August
  • 2018 London Potters, no.185, June-July
  • 2018 Precious coral and aquatic matters, Merel Slootheer, PM, September
  • 2018 Oracle Time, 40th edition, March
  • 2017 Home From Home, London Potters, no.181, Oct-Nov
  • 2017 Artrooms 2017 catalogue
  • 2016 De Kleine K, no.18
  • 2015 Review of CAL, Brownhill Love Art Insurance, London
  • 2013 Review of Made London, London Potters, no. 158, Dec
  • 2012 Tradition & Innovation: Five Decades of Harrow Ceramics
  • 2011 Handmade in Britain

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